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Bike Helmets (177)

For Your wildest rides. Mountain bike helmets differ in functionconstruction and style from ordinary city helmets and racing helmets. The reason for this is the (sporty) riding in rough, often natural terrain.
Function: MTB helmets have to withstand high impact speeds, guarantee maximum hold and at the same time be well ventilated.
Construction: MTB helmets offer a larger protection area. Innovative technologies such as MIPS or Inmould provide protective properties, while ventilation openings and airframe constructions guarantee a cool head.
Style: MTB helmets offer more generous head circumference than other types of helmets. The detachable (snap) visor provides protection and a cool style.

modern racing bike helmet offers protectionventilationcomfort and racy design.
Innovative technologies such as MIPSMIPS SphericalInmould or Double Inmould reliably protect Your head. In addition, modern racing helmets are very light and provide optimal ventilation. So Your head stays cool even at maximum effort, on mountain stages or in a sprint. Unlike MTB helmets, racing helmets features no or only a very small visor. An aerodynamic design is the most important.

BMX biking is hardly comparable to simple biking. Because of that BMX helmets are very different in constructionfunction and style from conventional helmets.
BMX helmets feature a head surrounding, deep and extremely stable (ABShard plastic shell for optimum protection. Ventilation openings provide the good ventilation. BMX helmets should fit perfectly, because this bike style is characterized by jumps and tricks. Adjustment systems (such as Roc Loc® Vert / Action Fit ™), ventilation openings and removable padding ensure maximum comfort.

Bike helmets for children are characterized by optimal protection properties in combination with a child-friendly design. That is why the helmets are often very colorful and decorated with patterns. Adjustment systems (Roc Loc® / Three-dimensional Run System Classic / J-RAS Fit) ensure optimal fit, while the hard plastic shell (polycarbonate micro-shell) provides outstanding protection. Ventilation openings in combination with an bug net ensure more comfort and fun.