Football is the most popular sport in the world. And for a reason. Football is about emotions, love and respect. Football is a religion and a way of life. From the favelas of Brazil to the world’s biggest stadiums, football is played in every part of the globe. Every football game is a spectacle. The atmosphere created by the fans sets the stage for the players to become heroes for club and country. Whether it’s the biggest derby in the world or a game in the park, every game is a must win. That’s why they call it the “The beautiful game”

Evidence of early ball sports being played are everywhere but football as we know it, was invented in Britain. Primitive football was unorganized and the rules we’re, well… vague. In some cases the ball was so malformed that you couldn’t use your feet to kick the ball. So kicking was limited to taking out your opponents. Everyone can agree that the game has developed to the right direction and without a doubt is the greatest sport there is today.
The FIFA World Cup™ is the most viewed sporting event in the world and the 2014 final was estimated to reach over 1 billion viewers in total around the world. The first FIFA World Cup™ was held in Uruguay in 1930 as Uruguay won the first World Cup title on home soil. The competition has seen 9 different winners in total with Brazil being the most successful country with 5 titles. Other big international competitions include: UEFA European championship™ and the Copa America™ which is the oldest international continental football competition. And the FIFA Women’s World Cup™ certainly can’t be forgotten. 

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