Since 1974, Marmot has manufactured performance clothing and equipment of the highest quality for lovers of the outdoors, mountain sports enthusiasts and extreme alpinists. From its humble beginnings as a climbing club for active university students in America, Marmot has lived and breathed its passion for outdoor sports. From the very start, the aim has been to produce the best outdoor clothing and equipment in the world.
That's why they've been perfecting the technologies which protect against the most adverse cold and wet conditions for more than 40 years. Within two years of putting together its first product range, Marmot started to collaborate with GORE-TEX®. This makes Marmot the longest standing of GORE-TEX®’s partners in the outdoor industry. With its own technologies like PreCip the outdoor specialist enables all outdoor fans to fully focus on their activities and adventures and stay more comfortable and drier than ever. PreCip is produced as sustainable as possible and comes with a PFC-free DWR and recycled nylon which protects the environment.

So gear up and rain supreme – because adventure never waits for perfect weather. And you won’t either!



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