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Bibtights - Ride in ultimate comfort

Four reasons to ride. The new standard for Bibtights.

Bibtights are the most critical item of apparel for the cyclist. Often spending hours in the saddle bibtights must provide comfort and freedom of movement for the rider.  The combination of our four GORE elements – selected fabrics, flat folded hems, bib tunnel construction and innovative seat insert – creates a new standard for bibtights. They are then further tuned for each type of rider’s needs.  It takes cycling to the next level and allows cyclists to ride in optimal comfort, all year round.
PRESSURE RELEASE The innovative seat inserts support the riders’ anatomical space. Due to its non-elasticity, the preformed and patented shape of the front panel prevents compression in the critical areas. The new cutlines and material selections are extensively tested to perfection in our lab to ensure optimal comfort, even after a long time in the saddle. PROTECTION IN ANY WEATHER The panel material is windproof and protects from windchill when riding in cool conditions and also from the wind generated by high speeds on hot summer days. The insert remains extremely breathable to ensure moisture management, no matter the temperature. This enables the rider to stay comfortable all year round.
THE INSERT AS PART OF A NEW BIBTIGHTS STANDARD The selected premium fabrics, the flat folded hems, the bib tunnel construction and the innovative seat insert create a new improved bibtights standard that takes cycling to the next level. It allows cyclists to face the elements, all year round. BIB TUNNEL CONSTRUCTION The mesh bib tunnel construction, with no seam close to skin, reduces friction and stops the material from digging in.
GORE: "WE FOUND ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT. We’ve always been on the cutting edge when it comes to comfort. We took a close look at our bibtights. Naturally, we’re very proud of them. But being the perfectionists we are, we felt that further improvements could be made. The result is an innovative panel attached to the front of the seat inserts that takes cycling comfort to a whole new level.

OXYGEN Partial Thermo Bibtights 3/4+

POWER Bibtights short+

XENON RACE 2.0 Bibtights short+