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Schöffel ORIGINALS - The return of true originals

Was everything better in the old days? If that’s how you feel, let Schöffel ORIGINALS outfits take you away from the hectic, fast pace of modern life and straight back to the good old times of the 1970s and 80s.

After all, staying practically true to the original, the casual retro look of ORIGINALS reflects the spirit of yesteryear. The reduced design of its day, combined with today’s fashionable and functional aspects, result in a modern classic, which is ideal for when you’re out and about.

Whether you're out hiking in the mountains or shopping in the city: Schöffel ORIGINALS are the perfect companion for all vintage fans. After all, with these special, historic classics you can really experience the early years of hiking for yourself. These genuine originals will take you straight back, thanks both to the colour and feel and to the company logo used in the Seventies. Schöffel’s many years of experience in the outdoor sector also ensure optimum weather protection, high-quality materials and functional features to round off the outfits.

So dive into the Schöffel ORIGINALS collection. Explore the city and countryside. And write your own outdoor story.

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