OGSO Couturier 100 21/22 Touring Ski

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Product description

You like to climb and go on big tours, you prefer a fat ski to surf the powder in high speeds, you enjoy shredding downhill in steady curves, the COUTURIER will take you to new limits.

The COUTURIER is a large ULTRALIGHT powder-sweeper, a ski for touring and shredding. It is easy to handle and extremely versatile to all snow and mountain conditions. The CARBON ultra-lightness makes it sprightly and energetic.
The long camber makes it steady and dominating. The long and high nose tip lets the ski arise and float on the ski and permits you to lean more forward or to stay equilibrated NO MORE LEANING BACK. Having the gravity of your body balanced and centered helps you save a lot of energy and permits you additional reactivity.
A surf feeling experience that is incredible. The long camber guarantees a steady curves and minimal disturbances when going fast.

OGSOs Vision & Mission 
All OGSO-skis are constructed to perform at absolute highest levels offpiste and they also do on on-piste. They come in dfferent widths and different weights, composed with the newest and innovative materials. OGSO’s achievement is the creation of a versatile ski. All our ski are shaped to be multiuse = all in one. A ski that allows to be effective in all snow types: powder, crud, crust, slush, choppy, tracked, concrete, packed, ice and in each mode: fast, slow, steep, bumpy, or flat.

Product information
  • Core: Paulownia Woodcore

  • Rubber Foil Dampening

  • Vibration Reducer

  • Fiberglass Middle Ski Power Sheet

  • Phenol Binding Reinforcement

  • Torsion Stabilizer - Gross-Band: Carbon Fiber - Fiberglass

  • Middle Ski Power Sheet - Fiberglass

  • Multiaxial Fabric: Carbon Fiber - Aramid Fiber - 3-Axial Fiberglass

  • Side Wall ABS

  • Race Edge Stainless Steel

  • Heel Shock Absorber

  • Ultimate Speed Base Hard Polyethylene

Product Id: 70102541878
Technical data
Lenght (cm) Radius (m) Sidecut (mm) Weight/ pair 
162 16 130 - 100 - 117 approx. 2600g (+5% possible)
170 17 133 - 102 - 119 approx. 2750g (+5% possible)
178 20 135 - 104 - 120 approx. 3000g (+5% possible)
186 22 138 - 106 - 122 approx. 3500g (+5% possible)
194 24 142 - 108 - 125 approx. 3600g (+5% possible)
Due to production process, there may be deviations in weight.

Is a real mountain machine for climbing and ski-mountaineering. A strong mountain-tool to go on any expedition, and to ski steady and safe downhill, ensuring all necessary attributes for the steep and fast. Being ultra-light, the ski is shifted and displaced easily which makes it extremely energetic and interactive. The ski is vivid and follows your movements instantaneously, maximal precision and reactivity in the snow. The ski is made for a climber that demands a snow-multi-tool, it handles any situation and provides outstanding security.

– Uphill oriented [touring-elevation-exploration = ELEPLORE]
– Very well suited for long climbs and tours
– Mutant ski, versatile off-piste and on-piste, one for all ski, good on any snow conditions
– Extremely light, precise in the curves, grip in the steep.
– Camber gives substantial contact with the snow
– Bottom sheet pro quality race level with 15% carbon [ISOSPORT 7500]
– High rising super nose spatula minimizing the risk to plunge into the snow
– Pro components, tail shock absorber, binding inlays, steel race edges
– Pro-flex and stiff-torsion, enhanced by vibration absorbing technology


The NEOTERIC lets you feel the complete ski from tip to tail at all times, it has more surface that is in contact with the snow consequently providing supplementary stability enabling higher speed, keeping the ski steady. The ski, in combination of the ULTRALIGHT CARBON FIBER CONSTRUCTION, is extremely light and permits you to change your ski position any instant. The carbon intensifies this featherweight ski feeling while the aramid fibers bring back the natural balance and comfortable touch. Turns come even and regular. The extensive surface contact generally guarantees a domination of snow. The PRO-FLEX has been engineered to accentuate the neoteric camber giving feeling that is evolutionary. Any snow or mountain is welcome always having an agile, bustling and reactive ski experience with immense grip and control. The ski is made for dedicated, proactive, energetic skiers. The neoteric has early and proportional high front rise that eliminates the tip plunging in the snow, permitting you to ski relaxed at midpoint. CONSTRUCTED with two layers of carbon-aramid fiber on top a paulownia wood core and underneath two layers of carbon-aramid fiber. Strengthened in the upper middle and below the foot by an additional inlet of fiberglass, two phenol plates inlayed to reinforce the screws of the bindings, an X-tape of newest carbon fiber and a ribbon of carbon-Kevlar in the tip. Manufactured where all fiber-layers, above and below, completely traverse the ski covering the sidewalls, this technic adds a lot of strength. Carbon, when mixed with aramid fibers remains extremely light but manages to absorb a high percentage of vibrations.

Couturier Couloir
Beatiful couloir, pleasure to climb!

The ascent starts in Chamonix either with a climb from the bottom of the Valle Blanche all the way up to the Aiguille Verte, or you take the train from Chamonix to Argentière and start from here or you take the cable car up to l’Aiguille des Grands Monets and ski + climb to the Argentière hut, you can also reach the Couturier couloir on the north face of couturier, Nant Blanc


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