OGSO Schwarztor 100 22/23 Touring Ski

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Product description

Schwarztor is an Ultralight, All-Mountain Touring ski that’s designed for huge days in the alpine.

It is one of the most successful skis from OGSO because it’s fast and light on the way up, easy to ski, floats great and super playful in all snow conditions. The SUPER ROCKER design features a long, high nose and tail that floats effortlessly in powder so you can lean forward and stay balanced in deep pow. NO MORE LEANING BACK! It also initiates smooth, easy turns making it extremely versatile in all snow conditions for a forgiving and confident ride.

CARBON PAULOWNIA ULTRALIGHT CONSTRUCTION makes this ski playful and energetic. • Fiberglass-reinforced power plate is an innovative new technology developed by OGSO that not only provides additional power but also helps prevent flexing out of pin bindings on big landings and when skiing fast in variable terrain. • Carbon X-band is an innovative new technology developed by OGSO that transfers the skier’s energy through the ski to provide torsional stiffness, immediate response and make the ski extremely reactive. • Vibration reducer band made from aramid, basalt and carbon is an innovative new technology developed by OGSO that gives a solid, quiet feel. • Ultra-high molecular speed base made from sintered polyethylene provides fast glide and outstanding durability. • Short camber makes this ski extremely agile and very forgiving for fun, short-turn carving.

If you’re looking for a ski that’s fast and light on the way up, and smooth and fun on the down regardless of the conditions, Schwarztor is the ski for you.

Product information
  • Core: Ultra Light Paulownia Woodcore

  • Rubber Foil Dampening

  • Vibration Reducer

  • Fiberglass Middle Ski Power Sheet

  • Phenol Binding Reinforcement

  • Torsion Stabilizer - Gross-Band: Carbon Fiber - Fiberglass

  • Middle Ski Power Sheet - Fiberglass

  • Multiaxial Fabric: Carbon Fiber - Aramid Fiber- 3-Acial Fiberglass

  • Side Wall ABS

  • Race Edge Stainless Steel

  • Heel Shock Absorber

  • Ultimate Speed Base Hard Polyethylene

Product Id: 70102545004
Color: White
Technical data
Lenght (cm) Radius (m) Sidecut (mm) Weight/ pair
162 16 131 - 100 - 117 2500g
170 17 133 - 102 - 119 2650g
178 20 135 - 104 - 120 2900g
186 22 138 - 106 - 122 3090g
194 24 142 - 108 - 125 3400g


OGSO designed SUPER ROCKER CARBON ULTRALIGHT skis to be the perfect ski for long, fun days in the backcountry searching for untracked pow. The SUPER ROCKER (SR) shape enables you to make smooth, relaxed, surfy turns for an exceptional, all-terrain experience. Their ultralight (UL) carbon/aramid/basalt technology makes this ski lively, energetic and responsive. Curves come easy yet once you pressure the edges these skis grip well and provide precise control. The SR UL skis are versatile, fun skis that are perfect for any level of skier who wants to ski effortlessly in difficult, technical terrain or who simply wants to pivot between the trees.

• SUPER ROCKER features high, early-rise and nose and tail for outstanding float in powder and easy turn initiation release for smooth, surfy turns. It enables you to ski powder in a balanced and relaxed position. No more leaning back! Less surface contact with the snow further facilitates turns and easy pivot • Camber underfoot provides precise, powerful edge hold on steep terrain and fast, steady carving • Paulownia wood core has high strength-to-weight ratio and a natural feel. • Carbon composition provides lightweight strength. • Aramid and basalt fibers contribute a balanced, comfortable feel for smooth, steady turns. • Carbon X-band of newest carbon fiber and carbon/kevlar located in front of the binding anchors the ski to the snow for remarkable stability. This technology reduces torsion, provides immediate response and transfers energy to make this ski extremely reactive. It stabilizes the ski at high speed and provides fantastic downhill performance. • Performance flex provides torsional stiffness and accentuates the SUPER ROCKER short and flat camber and provides maximum, immediate pressure under foot • Vibration absorbing technology provides dampening for a frontside-ski feel • Phenol plates under the bindings for secure, lightweight binding hold • Race-quality 7500 sintered base with 15% carbon for fast glide and outstanding durability

Schwarztor Ski Tour Schwarztor is a classic ski-tour in the swiss Alps

The ascent is a very long climb, or a very fast ride with the Klein Matterhorn cable car, up to 3883m. The descent is rather long and begins by crossing the high plateau below the Breithorn, heading towards the schwarztor-pass located in a scenery between two 4000’ers: Pollux and Roca Nero. A long north-facing glacier\powder descent follows, traversing beautiful crevasses and seracs on the gorner-glacier, eventually passing through the gorner-gorge navigating some more technical terrain down to Furi and back to Zermatt.


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