Puky CYKE 18 Alu FreewheelKids Bike racingblue 2023

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Product description

The CYKE offers your child a perfect introduction to the world of cycling.

Sporty, light and yet suitable for everyday use - this is how the new CYKE model presents itself. The extensive equipment is specially tailored to the individual needs of small bikers. The Cyke 18 is equipped with a freewheel so that the crank can be freely rotated for an optimal starting position. Compared to its predecessor, the Puky ZLX 18, the CYKE 18 weighs 1000 grams less. This optimally balanced the relationship between the weight of the bike and that of the child.

Child-friendly frame geometry and selected bicycle components correspond to the specific requirements of children

Play bicycles with a low step through frame that make it easy to get on and off, in order to provide more security to children in the learning phase. Children have a smaller field of vision than adults, i.e. they only take in their surrounding with a limited viewing angle. This limitation carries risks, especially in areas close to traffic. For this reason, it is particularly important that children are in the most upright position possible when sitting on a bike. Only a relaxed, upright posture makes it possible for children to perceive their surroundings in an optimum way when riding a bike, which provides the basis for safe driving behaviour. PUKY® takes into account meaningful adjustment ranges for individual growth phases and thereby ensures a useful working life.

The well-thought-out selection of the individually coordinated bicycle components also makes PUKY® bicycles different: Child-friendly driving and braking characteristics, smooth, ergonomic controls and a wide variety of passive safety elements serve to protect the child. The PUKY® safety set, which includes a high-pitched bell, extra-thick impact protection, safety handlebar grips, front and back reflectors and plastic edge protectors on the front mudguards, forms part of the standard equipment of every PUKY® children's bicycle.

Product information
  • Age: 5+ from 110 cm

  • Stride length: 48 – 56 cm

  • Max. 60 kg

  • V-Brakes (front & rear), Adjustable brake lever suitable for children's hands

  • Lightweight and intuitive freewheel - crank freely rotatable for optimal starting position

  • Ball bearing: wheels, steering and pedals

  • Adjustable light Ahead stem

  • Plastic edge protectors on the front fender

  • Childfriendly nono-slip pedals with third reflector

  • Closed chain case

  • Crash pad, Safety handlebar grips

  • Bell, Front and rear reflectors

  • Made in Germany

  • Frame: Aluminium

  • Frame hight: 28 cm

  • Saddle hight: 50 cm – 58 cm

  • Wheel size: 18"

  • Weight: 7,9 kg (without pedals and side stand)

Product Id: 30066042784
Color: Racingblue/white
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