Superguide Freetour 21/22
Superguide Freetour 21/22
Superguide Freetour 21/22
Superguide Freetour 21/22
Superguide Freetour 21/22
Superguide Freetour 21/22

Scott Superguide Freetour 21/22

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Superguide Freetour 21/22
Scott Superguide Freetour 21/22
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Product description

The Superguide Freetour is the holy grail of backcountry skiing: a ski that’s light and agile on the way up, with no compromises on those hard-earned lines on the way down.

The new Paulownia/Beech core is lightweight yet stable. Combined with Carbon/Aramid fibers, to stiffen the ski without adding weight, the Superguide Freetour boasts a hard-charging construction with a precise 3Dimension Touring Sidecut that’s ready for those fast lines and steep descents.
  • Core: Full Dual light wood core
  • Sandwich Sidewall Semi-Elliptic Construction - Carbon /Aramid Fibers
  • 3Dimension Touring Sidecut
  • Factory Finish
  • Scott Hook Skin Fixation System
  • Pro-Tip Rocker 320


Lenght (cm) Radius (m) Sidecut (mm) Weight/ pair 
169 22 132 - 104 - 120 3000g
178 24 134 - 104 - 122 3160g
185 24 136 - 105 - 124 3220g

Dual Light Wood Core

Scott has equipped the new Superguide with a new Paulownia/Beech core that ensures a stable, strong, and well-dampened ride. To put it simply, the dual lightweight wood core stiffens the ski whilst keeping it lively, making it more stable on steep lines and fast descents, without adding any extra weight.


Carbon /Aramid Fiber Construction

Making the ski as light as possible was important, but keeping the downhill performance was essential. That is why we’ve reinforced the Superguide ski with Carbon/Aramid fibers along the full length of the ski. These strategically-placed strips are torsionally rigid with an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. The result is a stable yet lively ride, in a lightweight package that’s still surprisingly quick and reliable on the ascent and won’t let you down on that hard-earned descent..

3Dimension Sidecut

This revolutionary sidecut design combines a tip and tail radius with either a central flat line or a small amount of sidecut under foot. The tip and tail radii allow for easy turn initiation while the flat line (freeski) or a larger radius (all conditions) provides stability, power and precise edge hold. This proven design has earned accolades in the form of multiple ski test awards. * Now available as 3Dimension Touring sidecut for a better touring tuning.


Factory Finish

SCOTT skis come direct from the factory ready to ski with SCOTT’s Factory Finish. Factory Finish offers an effective edge angle of 88°, resulting from a 3° side and 1° base angle for an exceptional performance. The base is finished with a micro structured CNC stone grind so you can mount your skis and hit the hill, no tuning required.

Skin Fixation System

The SCOTT Skin Fixation System provides an easy and fast skin attachment in all weather conditions.

Pro-Tip Rocker 320

SCOTT’s Pro-Tip Rocker produces a more consistent ski flex and predictable turns by using a progressive tip height radius. SCOTT skis that feature Pro-Tip Rocker track better than the competition and are available in four heights catering to the skis intended use: Pro-Tip Rocker 300 / 320 / 350 and 375.



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