Winter Service at Sport Bittl

Mounting, waxing, large oder basic service -our Montana ski service machine provides the best service for your skis or snowboard. Base repairs, side edge grinding, waxing or other repairs your equipment might need - Our service team takes care and works with Montana´s latest, high precision, service machine.

Montana Diamond

Due to our high performance service machine, we can promise you a high quality ski and snowboard service for epic runs on your favourite terrain.

Sport bittl uses the Montana Diamond machine for automatic stone grinding of the base, high tech tuning of the edges and for waxing.

The following characterisitcs are provided by Montana´s Crystal Glide Finish:

  • maximum skiing and boarding fun
  • increased durability of your sports equipment
  • improved safety standards

And these are the advantages of this high-tech procedure:

  • your sports equipment will react perfectly to directional changes
  • it guarantees easy turn initiation
  • Great riding stability
  • optimized gliding
  • superb edge hold

At first, the base is being treated in order to achieve a smooth, levelled base. The same working process creates a structured surface which allows for adaption to your requirements, or our service team´s recommendation. All this is a computer controlled procedure, which guarantees a high precision finishing of the base. Afterwards the machine grinds the edges with controlled pressure from front to end, providing a smooth, deburred finishing of your metal edges. Finally the machine waxes the base uniformly - for maximum gliding performance.

Contacts at our ski store in Munich-Allach:

Ski Experts: phone: +49 (89) 89 219 - 0

Snowboard Experts: phone: +49 (89) 89 219 - 0

Pricelist for Winter-Service ski, cross country ski, snowboard and ice-skates

Your skis can be turned in for service at our stores in Munich Allach and FFB!   
Skis-mounting of purchased skis (purchased at our store) free of charge
Skis-mounting of other skis 30,00 EUR
Setting of bindings DIN ISO Norm 11088 (except online orders) 15,00 EUR
Re-mounting of skis 20,00 EUR
Ski-Waxing 5,00 EUR
Infrarot waxing 10,00 EUR
Ski-Service basic (waxing, structure + stone grinding)  29,00 EUR
Ski-Service large (waxing + stone grinding + base repair)  45,00 EUR
Kids ski service basic (up to 140cm)  19,00 EUR
Kids ski service large (up to 140cm)  29,00 EUR
Cross Country Service basic (waxing, structuring, brushing) 25,00 EUR
Cross Country Service large (waxing, structuring, brushing, base repair)  45,00 EUR
Skin cutting of other skins 20,00 EUR surcharge
Express Service 10,00 EUR surcharge
Snowboard Service basic (waxing, edge tuning)  39,00 EUR
Snowboard Service large (waxing, edge tuning, base repair)  49,00 EUR
Ice skates  
Ice skates grinding of purchased ice-skates (purchased at our store) 6,00 EUR
Ice skates grinding of other Ice skates 10,00 EUR


We offer the DSV active membership including insurance coverage when buying skis at our shop.

Available at our shops in (as well as online): Munich-Allach and FFB-Buchenau 

DSV Aktiv Insurance

Strap on your skis or get on your board and leave all your troubles behind for a day, a weekend or a whole vacation. It's easy, with the right preparation. Don't compromise on safety - you can rely on the DSV Ski Insurance!