The sun is slowly rising, the world fades from the morning mist to a bright winter wonderland. The forest behind you lets some sunlight shine through and the untouched snow is glistening in the sun. You know that feeling, don`t you?

Ski-mountaineering is a unique adventure, because every tour is an individual experience.
Here at Sport Bittl you´ll find everything you need for going on this adventure.
But first of all we want to describe you what we love about this sport.
The adventure starts with climbing the mountain and leaving your trails in the untouched snow. On top of the mountain the sight is indescribably beautiful. The following downhill drive is worth all the strain, especially when the snow is perfectly untapped and the weather appears on its best side.
There are a lot of challenges in this sport. For example the mountaineerer has to concern himself with the weather conditions as well as with the terrain.
But no matter how hard it might be, the mountaineerer experiences this scenery as an all-around nature experience.

When you go ski-mountaineering enjoyment and strain go together inseparably.
Who doesn`t know these painfull blisters, the overstrained tights or the ice-cold wind blowing in your face.
But which beginner hasn`t collected its very own unique experiences? Remember your first tour when your guide seemed to glide away so easily, your first attempts to switchback, the downhill drives in muddy or icy snow or the days when there was more falling than skiing.
Nevertheless most stick to this amazing sport.

We totally understand the passion that flows with the feeling of nature, the variation of strain and enjoyment and the undeveloped snow. Every ski-mountaineerer loves to get up early for that.
You totally forget your daily life and lose yourself in the moment.
There`s more than enough time to enjoy the view, smell the fresh air and memorize the moment.

It`s certain that there`s not THAT ONE ski for mountaineering.
You could go classical mountaineering, freeriding, telemarking or snowboarding.
There are so many ways of mountaineering that you can`t develop a fitting ski for all of these styles.
So for choosing your perfect mountaineering ski, you have to find out which of the above-mentioned types you are.


The right material for your skis is very important to guarantee a perfect touring experience.
To give you an overview, we`ll introduce you the most important materials and types and give you some helpful hints which to keep in mind when you order your new pair of skis.
First of all, a touring ski should be as light as possible.
That`s why they aren`t as heavy as regular skis.
Here at Sport Bittl we offer touring skis suited for all kind of snow conditions.
On the one hand touring skis have to possess enough drive for deep powder snow, on the other they have to afford hold on iced tracks. They also have to be easy handled for trailed tracks.
There are touring carvers developed especially for these needs.
All in all touring carvers are suited for normal downhill skiing as well.

No matter if you are a freerider or prefer traditional skiing, you are always searching for your individual challenge.
Best tours would be in loneliness, in perfect harmony with the beautiful nature around you and for sure in gliding back to the valley over untouched hangs.
Now cross the finger for a perfect weather forecast!
In Germany first snow is gonna fall in October.
And just like you, all members of Sport Bittl are looking forward to a long, snowy and enjoyable season full of fascinating adventures in our beautiful nature.