Ready for the bike season

What’s the attraction in a bike ride? A single sentence won’t be enough here but it’s clear: it’s not just to get from point A to point B, or just to ride and get some exercise. It’s more, it’s an experience. For some it’s more than a way of life. Whether you’re on your MTB, your road bike or on your E-bike biking is an experience...every single time you go for a ride.

Mountain biking

A mountain bike belongs not just to one single discipline but to the forests, field paths, tricky trails and bike parks. The main thing is that you’re on your own or alongside of your peers, in the nature doing what you love the most. Whilst having fun you’ll be staying away from all of the mass tourists and the day trippers. All your stress will just disappear in all the fun. You’ll become one with the nature. Still mountain biking is also extremely exhausting, constantly having to pedal up a mountain, summit or a lakeside, what’s the point in all of this. Is there a price on the top of the mountain? Why would anyone like this kind of torture? Once you’ve enjoyed a lunch break in the woods or a bath in the lake, in a beautiful surrounding. One can only answer this question with a dreamy smile on its face. It’s pure joy when you overcome the obstacles on the trails with your own power and muscles. 
Remember: if you’re just beginning mountain biking, you don’t have to hit the steep descents or the big jumps right away. No point in getting yourself hurt if your abilities aren’t as great as your riding partners’. Just because they can ride the hardest parts of the trails, doesn’t mean that you can or should. You also don’t have to like every trail that your colleges do. If the trails get too technical for your liking just ride the trails that you enjoy. So don’t leave your common-sense at home.

Road biking

First time on a road bike might not be so comfortable, the pedals feel like concrete and the seat is… well "inconvenient" is the nicest description of the saddle. Since you’re leaning so forward on your road bike you might get the feeling that you’ll be thrown over the bar any second. Which feels unpleasant. Deep bent kilometre after a kilometre, not so nice right? Your perseverance and the hard work will be rewarded with a great feeling of an accomplishment after a good bike ride. And when your bike fits properly you can ride for ages without your muscles getting sore. So with the right bike under you, you’ll have no sore muscles and no problem riding your bike whenever, wherever. 
The right bike size can be hard to get but it comes with experience. And if you’re a rookie, we’ve got size charts to help you out. Also our staff at our stores are there for you.


Need an easy and relaxed way to get around? Look no further than an E-bike. Biking hasn’t been this easy since… forever. Sure you still have to pedal a bit but with the mounted electric motor you won’t have to exhaust yourself, instead you can just focus on the scenery and being relaxed while riding. E-bikes even come as mountain bikes, no more walking your bike up the hill for the fun trails of the mountains and the woods. Easily up, funnily down.