The roots of snowboarding can be tracked to 1964 when a surfer dreamed about surfing in the snow at the beautiful landscapes of the Rockies. Back then it was actually not called snowboarding but snurfing (snow surfing). Later in 1970 the snowboard was developed and there were some experiments with a laminated board with foot straps attached to it for better control over the board. Slowly but surely the “snurfer” turned into a snowboard, that was more controllable. Snowboarding was a revolution and a tribute of liberty. The evolution of the snowboard brought all kinds of new innovative things to the design of the board such as:  rounded tails, twin tips, carving-shape, hard boots and different types of snowboard shapes – e.g. the rocker technology to name the most famous one. With the likes of freestyle, - racing -  and powder boards there was and is a board for any occasion. Snowboarding was introduced as an Olympic sport in 1998 at the Nagano Olympic Games. Today snowboarding (still) is a huge sport around the globe, events like Innsbruck's Air&Style, WST – World Snowboard Tour and the X-games attract huge crowds everywhere. The sport is growing again, and new styles and tricks are being created constantly, because of the high level of competition, and for the fact that almost every ski-resort has a freestyle park.

High-end snowboard equipment at Sport Bittl: ready for the season

Sport bittl history and brands

Sport Bittl founded its snowboarding department in 1987 and it was the first full-scale snowboard store in Germany. 

In 1992 the Fever brand was introduced. A brand offering reasonably priced items, and the first online shop was introdeced as well.
Sport bittl introduces the latest products of the biggest and best snowboarding companies around:
Arbor, Bataleon, Burton, Deeluxe, Flow, K2, Lib Tech, Nitro, Ride, Roxy, SP, Salomon, Thirty Two, Union, Voile, Völkl...

From our wide range of products you’ll find the right snowboard for you. If you’re either a beginner or an expert we’ve got the whole snowboard package (including: boards, bindings and boots), or just any accessories of your choice for you.