Avalanche Packs

Avalanche backpacks for your adventures

Freeriding and ski touring becomes more and more popular. To be perfectly equipped for Your backcountry adventure, an avalanche backpack should be part of Your standard equipment. Because avalanche backpacks can save lives.

What is an avalanche backpack?
In an avalanche backpack there is an airbag system, which is supposed to prevent the skiier being buried by the snow / an avalanche.

How does an avalanche backpack work?
The principle behind the idea of ​​an avalanche backpack is called "Brazil Nut Effect". This scientific effect states that, with simultaneous movement of several particals, the largest float on the surface.
This is exactly how an avalanche backpack should work. If a freerider is caught by an avalanche and he triggers the backpack in time, the inflated air cushion offers the athlete more volume and thus more "buoyancy". This should prevent a burial.

Top brands at Sport Bittl: ABS, Mammut, Ortovox, BCA, Scott and Pieps