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All about the BOA® closure in ski boots - K2 Skis sets standards!

The BOA® Fit System has already proven itself in various product categories and enjoys great popularity. Now it's making its debut in the world of ski boots, and K2 Skis is at the forefront!

What is BOA®?

BOA® is a breakthrough closure technology. With a simple knob , a metal cable can be precisely tightened over three pull points, making it child's play to open and close the shoes while ensuring an optimal hold for maximum performance. The BOA® Fit System has been successfully used for years in cycling shoes, snowboard boots, trail running shoes and many other products.

Why is BOA® now also used in ski boots?

Since the roots of the BOA® Fit System lie in trail running, ski touring, mountain biking and snowboarding - activities that take place in the mountains - it was only logical to integrate this proven technology in alpine ski boots as well. This ensures a precise fit and optimal heel hold on the slopes to provide an unparalleled skiing experience. This challenge has also been taken up by K2 Skis, a brand that places great emphasis on continuous product improvement.

That is why the engineers of K2 ski boots have teamed up with the creators of the BOA® Fit System to develop a completely new and groundbreaking system that focuses on the needs and desires of skiers .

Advantages for alpine ski boot BOA K2

Advantages of the BOA® system compared to conventional 4-buckle ski boots

The new BOA® ski boots from K2 offer a decisive advantage: a uniform, precise and thus optimized pressure distribution in the lower area of the ski boot. The BOA® wheel allows easy adjustment in both directions to fix or loosen the boot in a flash. All K2 BOA® ski boots are set to a 100mm last width as standard, but thanks to the BOA® Fit System can be individually adjusted up to 97mm or even extended to 104mm with bootfitting. This makes K2 BOA® boots a versatile option for different foot shapes and combines the Low Volume and Mid Volume Fit, making it easier for both retailers and customers to find the perfect fit .

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What are the technologies and features in the boot and liner of K2 BOA® ski boots?

A significant technology of K2 BOA® ski boots is the new boot board, to which K2 Skis has added interchangeable heel inserts. Depending on preference, the cushioning and performance can be fine-tuned even more . The Boot Board technology is based on a stiff, responsive heel insert and a softer, cushioning heel insert on the heel of the insole. In addition, the adaptability to a variety of feet with different last widths and foot shapes often leaves the question of the toe area: "How can the toe area be adjusted as well on a narrower foot as it is on a more voluminous foot?" K2 has not only designed a completely new shell that allows for an improved fit to the foot, but offers precise adjustment of the toe area with the included "ToeShim", a foam wedge that can be placed on the liner to significantly reduce bulk in the toe area. The heat-moldable inner shoe with Intuition foam layers of different densities is seamless in the toe area and offers the perfect comfort with improved performance.

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Is bootfitting affected by this?

The boot fitting remains unchanged. The ski boot can still be heated and customized, even with the BOA® closure. The rope can be easily removed at the lower anchor point so that the shell can be thermally or mechanically processed as usual.

Robust construction of the BOA® system!

The BOA® Fit System is built specifically to withstand hard impacts it may take on or off the slopes. The twist lock is designed to pop out of the bayonet instead of breaking. After such an incident, the twist lock can be easily reinserted into the bayonet and continue skiing. Although BOA® ropes appear fragile at first glance, they are specially designed to be lightweight, extremely strong and non-stretchable. The SS3 rope consists of 19 nylon-covered stainless steel strands, which in turn are surrounded by another 90 stainless steel strands.

FIT FOR LIFE WITH BOA®: The twist locks and ropes of the BOA® Fit System are guaranteed for the lifetime of the product in which they are integrated.

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