Inline skater rolls through the city

Inline skates: find the perfect size and fit!

Inline skating is in vogue, and rightly so: The fun sport can be perfectly implemented in urban areas and trains fitness and coordination in equal measure. To ensure that you get the perfect inline skates, we have put together a few important tips for you, together with the kind support of K2, on what you should look out for.

This is how an inline skate should fit

The skate should fit perfectly for maximum driving pleasure, of course, otherwise it can come to unpleasant pressure points or blisters. A focus in terms of fit is on the heel area. The skate must sit stably on the heel and must not be able to move during the kicks and sliding. Otherwise, you have to fight after each round of inline skating with open spots on the heel, if the inline skate chafes there.

At the toes in front, the shoe should easily enclose the toes and not be too much space. Over time, an inline skate anyway still expands somewhat. Of course, your toes should not butt in front.

Two women with inline skates take a break on a bench

Since inline skates are closed shoes and ventilation is usually limited by the hard plastic shell, you should be prepared for your feet to expand somewhat during the ride. Warm feet take up more space than cold feet, and so it is a good idea to put on a pair of thicker socks, for example, to simulate the expansion of the feet during the ride. If the inline skates then still fit well and comfortably and offer good support, you have done everything right!

A group of inline skaters ride through the night

Why is a good fit so important?

If your inline skate fits well, you have more fun, a better driving experience and are also much safer in terms of tricks. You do not get blisters and pressure points and can therefore enjoy your rides to the fullest.

In addition, the inner shoe is not rubbed off and a good fit thus also ensures that your inline skate lasts longer.

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What lacing systems does K2 offer?

For different inline skates and foot types, K2 offers different lacing systems that provide a stable hold of your feet.

  • Speed Lacing System:
  • Perfect and stable fit that provides athletic and precise transfer
  • Ideal for narrow feet
  • BOA Fit System:
  • Easy and quick on and off for all ages
  • BOA offers easy readjustment while riding
  • Ideal for wide feet
  • Traditional Lacing:
  • Traditional, but also individual
  • With the classic lacing you can adjust the shoe perfectly to your feet
Inline skater rides under palm trees


If you follow these tips in terms of fit, nothing stands in the way of your adventure on inline skates! Whether you want to do fancy tricks in the halfpipe and in the fun park, just want to roll relaxed through the city or want to keep fit with inline skating, a good fit ensures more fun and better control.

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