Avalanche transceivers for more safty

The avalanche beacon is the most important equipment for all ski tourers and freeriders and can be vital importance in an emergency. 90% of the deadly avalanche accidents in the last 20 years happened in open terrain (see WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF).

These small device can provide the only chance to free Your friends and comrades after an avalanche from the snow in time.

A combination of avalanche beaconshovel and probe should therefore not be missed in Your powder adventures! This combination saves lives.

The current avalanche beacons at Sport Bittl are three-antenna devices. Thanks to this technology, the devices are faster, more intuitive and more accurate. In addition, this method makes it possible to locate several burials simultaneously.

Top brands at Sport Bittl: BCA, Mammut, ORTOVOX and Pieps.

Technical innovations that can save lives.

  • Max. Range / search strip width / frequency
  • marking function
  • Automatic switchover
  • reaction time
  • usability
  • Visual interface: distance, direction and number of buried people
  • Acoustic user guidance
  • 3D sensor
  • Integrated Recco reflector
  • Integrated slope inclinometer

Sport Bittl wishes You a safe winter!