Perfect fit: Comfort fit®

More than 15 years ago, Meindl launched its innovative Comfort fit® line.

The recipe for success is easily explained: Compared to a trekking last, the Comfort fit® last offers a wider tread area in the forefoot and more space in the ball of the foot. This gives the toes more space. The big toe is thus straightened and can move freely. There is no pressure in the bunion area.

The sole construction itself allows the foot toroll more easily due to a more pronounced roll. The high-quality Comfort fit® cork footbed (in the Antelao and Tramin) perfectly rounds off the Comfort fit® system.

Meindl shoes with Comfort Fit® at Sport Bittl

For your outdoor adventures!

Thanks to the Meindl Comfort-fit® system , aching feet are a thing of the past.

The unique construction convinces with the following points:

  1. More toe room and more volume
  2. More bunion width and straightening of the big toe
  3. Wider stance due to the wider sole base
  4. Perfect fit due to the narrow heel

For even more comfort.

The models of the Comfort-fit®WellnessHiking series also feature the Comfort-fit® cork footbed, which offers the best possible wearing and climate comfort.

Special features of the Comfort-fit® cork footbed are:

  1. Cork footbed for more comfort
  2. Poron® shock absorber for outstanding cushioning
  3. Cambrelle and fleece cover to prevent odor build-up
  4. Integrated pad for more protection

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