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Pleasure Tour Reichenbachklamm-Breitenberg-Aggenstein

Divided into two days with overnight stay at the Ostlerhütte, this tour is a pleasure tour for athletic hikers with mountain experience. Those who are fit can also plan this as a varied day tour or as a stage, for example as part of a multi-day tour from Pfronten to Oberstdorf.

On the first day, the ascent takes place via the Reichenbachklamm to the Ostlerhütte at 1838m. On the second day you climb from the Ostlerhütte to the Aggenstein, before it goes on a varied route via the Bad Kissinger Hütte and the so-called "Bösen Tritt" back to Pfronten-Steinach.

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What makes the tour attractive?

A wild, natural gorge and a varied route with a short rope-secured climbing passage. The Ostlerhütte offers a great all-round view and probably one of the most beautiful sunsets, as well as sunrises, with views of Neuschwanstein and the striking Aggenstein.

Although the Aggenstein with 1,985 meters is not one of the highest mountains in the Tannheimer Valley, it impresses with its magnificent panoramic view of the Allgäu and Tyrolean Alps and can easily compete with its higher neighboring peaks.

Hiking Aggenstein

The most important facts

  • Season: May to October
  • Starting point: Hiking parking lot Pfronten-Steinach
  • Difficulty: difficult tour: surefootedness, mountain experience, good equipment and a certain degree of freedom from vertigo required. Ascent to the summit cross Aggenstein: partly secured with wire ropes.
  • Route: Total 1350 hm / 18.5 km; 1st day ascent to Ostlerhütte (1838 m): approx. 7.3 km / 990 hm, 2nd day ascent to Aggenstein, descent via Kissinger Hütte and "Bösen Tritt" approx. 11 km - 330 hm uphill / 1270 hm downhill.

Refreshment and overnight accommodation

  • Berghaus Allgäu Kiosk: Right next to the mountain station of the Breitenbergbahn, drinks and small dishes with a great view.
  • Ostlerhütte (1838 m): The highest hut on the Breitenberg with all-around views and overnight accommodations (now also in suites!). Beautiful and very tasty!
  • Bad Kissinger Hütte (1788 m) July to October: DAV hut on the south side of the Aggenstein. With beautiful sun terrace and overnight accommodations.
Refreshment stops
The first day

The first day: Ascent to the Ostler Hut

We have chosen the small parking lot Pfronten-Steinach as the starting point.

If you want to save a few meters, you can also park at the paid parking lot of the valley station Breitenbergbahn.

We first run in on a field path through meadows before we pass the Aggenstein branch in the forest. Here would go up the direct hiking trail under the cable car route, which we have chosen for the second day for the descent.

From here we follow the signs to the Reichenbachklamm.

Through the Reichenbachklamm

An exciting hiking trail winds through this wild, natural gorge. It goes over large stones, steps and tree trunks. The path is secured with stairs, rope attachments and partly an iron railing. We discover slow worms and alpine salamanders, which feel very comfortable in the area of the gorge. Depending on the season, the stream flows more or less spectacularly over some waterfalls, worth seeing the gorge in any case always.

Hiking Aggenstein
Hiking Aggenstein
Hiking Aggenstein

After the gorge, the trail follows a section of the Via Alpina in the direction of the Ostlerhütte. You can continue the route directly from the Breitenbergbahn mountain station via the Hochalp circular trail or alternatively take a variant via the Jewel Trail or the Geo Trail. Each of the trails takes you through dense forests and alpine landscapes in breathtaking natural scenery.

On the exposed saddle, all trails meet at the Hochalpbahn mountain station, from here it is only a short distance on a wide gravel path to the Ostlerhütte.

Arrived at the Ostlerhütte, we move into our camp. The sun terrace with a fantastic view of the Aggenstein and in the direction of the Tannheim Valley invites us to linger, as does the young, very nice crew. At the summit cross next to the hut there is a 360-degree panorama map with all the peaks that can be seen. In good weather, you have an unobstructed view of Neuschwanstein Castle and part of Lake Foggen.

The Aggenstein also looks really imposing from here due to its rugged shape. You can already see the path to the summit from the hut, which winds up to the right of the rugged rock edge.

We end the evening at the hut with a great dinner - the young team of the hut does a great job!

Hiking Aggenstein
Hiking Aggenstein
Hiking Aggenstein
Breakfast Ostlerhütte Aggenstein

Up to the Aggenstein

After enjoying an impressive breakfast buffet at the Ostlerhütte, we set off on the challenging trail to the Aggenstein.

From the Ostlerhütte we follow the gravel path back towards the Hochalpbahn mountain station and cross the high plateau once again. Here we turn right and continue the hike towards the imposing Aggenstein.

The path immediately becomes narrow and leads you initially through alpine terrain that becomes increasingly steep.

It is important to be careful and to wear sturdy shoes, as the terrain becomes more challenging with every meter. The path winds its way up the Aggenstein and offers in every bend fantastic views over the demolition edge in the direction of Pfronten, as well as on the right side in the direction of the Tannheimer mountains.

At the end, we pass a short saddle - here, even in July, there may still be a snowfield to cross! After a few meters we reach the via ferrata, which is equipped with a wire rope to facilitate the ascent to the summit of the Aggenstein. The via ferrata is relatively easy and the rope provides additional safety when climbing up.

Once at the top, we are rewarded with a breathtaking view. The Aggenstein offers an impressive panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and valleys. We enjoy the moment and take a break to admire the magnificent natural scenery of the Tyrolean and Tannheim mountains.

We set off on the descent via the Kissinger Hut. The path leads along a narrow trail and also offers fantastic views. Arrived at the Kissinger Hut, we first get our well-deserved lunch and enjoy the break on the sun terrace.

After recharging our batteries, we set off on the rest of the descent. From the hut we follow the path on the ridge in the direction of Pfronten/ Breitenbergbahn until we reach the sign "böser Tritt". We leave the ridge and turn sharp left onto the "Böser Tritt". Here the path is a bit more demanding, but with attention and surefootedness it is no problem. At a small hut we pass a gate and from here we follow the signs "Hochalphütte/ Breitenbergbahn Bergstation" through a dreamlike path between alpine meadows.

Along below the Hochalpbahn we turn onto the hiking trail mentioned at the beginning in the direction of "Breitenbergbahn Talstation/Pfronten-Steinach", which winds its way under the cable car line through the forest before we finally reach the dirt road in the valley to the parking lot.

Sun behind mountain Aggenstein
On the slope Aggenstein
Hut Tour Aggenstein
Hiking Aggenstein view

Recommended equipment:

We wish you a lot of fun on the tour!