Football shoes

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What do the abbreviations for football shoes mean?

Which football shoe is suitable for which surface?

Football can be played on different surfaces such as grass, artificial turf, ash or indoors. There are suitable football shoes for each of these surfaces. Fixed abbreviations have developed for quick differentiation, which we will explain to you here.

FG (= Firm Ground)

Football shoes with the FG suffix are normal studded shoes designed for natural grass and ash pitches. The sole of the FG football shoe has wider lugs with a slightly wider spacing so that the grass does not stick so easily. FG shoes are not suitable for artificial turf, but for both dry and wet grass.

The abbreviation SG (= Soft Ground) also stands for grass court shoes, but with a deep and sometimes slippery surface. These are cleated shoes with metal studs that virtually bite into slippery ground. Thanks to the arrangement of the studs and their wide spacing, no clods of dirt stick to the sole, which ensures lasting traction. The studs are usually screwed on and can be replaced and adapted to the needs at short notice. In our shop, SG shoes can be found in the FG category.

IN (= indoor, hall, also IC, IT)

Indoor football shoes have a profiled sole without lugs. These are specially made for use gyms and on polished floors. The shoes have a good grip that you can rely on even on slippery and flat ground.

TF (= Turf, carpet turf)

The TF shoe is sometimes called a centipede and is a real all-rounder for rather hard surfaces such as artificial turf or ash. The sole has many small lugs that bite into roughened (short) artificial turf or turf surfaces and give you secure footing. A major advantage is the high durability of the material.

The abbreviation HG (= Hard Ground) refers to hard court shoes that are particularly suitable for ash courts and other hard surfaces due to the sole with short, hard and wide lugs. The main advantage of these soles is their high durability. You can find HG football boots in our shop in the TF category.

MG, FxG (=Multi Ground, Flexible Ground)

These shoes are suitable for different surfaces and are the perfect choice for those who play on different surfaces (grass court, artificial turf, hard and cinder pitches) during the season. The soles of the shoes are equipped with more studs. This ensures better pressure distribution on harder pitches. You can find MG or FxG football shoes in the TF-category as well as in the FG-category in our shop.