Jérémie Heitz' "La Liste: Everything or Nothing"

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Award-winning filmmakers Sherpas Cinema have today released the Official Trailer for their newest feature documentary, made in partnership with Red Bull Media House, Mammut. SCOTT Sports, Mica Heli Skiing and Reusch gloves. 

Givisiez, CH, 10th December 2019 - Scheduled for release in Fall 2020, 'La Liste: Everything or Nothing' follows freeskiers Jérémie Heitz and Sam Anthamatten as they travel to the world's highest, and least forgiving, mountain ranges in an attempt to make their distinct mark on peaks over 6,000m. 

In 2016 Jérémie Heitz - Swiss freeskier and one of the most accomplished big mountain skiers of our time - made a list of The Alps' most iconic 4,000m descents and, for the documentary 'La Liste', set out to ski them faster tahn they'd ever been skied before. But in the words of Swiss "Skier of the Impossible" Sylvain Saudan: "you've done it in Switzerland... now you must do it in the world."

'La Liste: Everything or Nothing' is the sequel to Jérémie's first project, only this time his "liste" includes the planet's most unforgiving 6,000m peaks, to ski in a style never done before. Over the past two years, this project has included months-long expeditions to The Karakoram and The Andes, with more high-altitude trips planned before filming is complete. Between major expeditions, the athletes and crew have ben filming in Switzerland and Canada, training on larger ski descents, monitoring the ever-changing conditions in the Andes, Karakoram and Himalaya, and planning the minutiae of each upcoming expedition.

Jérémie is accompanied by Sam Anthamatten, a Zermatt-born UIAGM guide with a roster of first ascents and descents to his name. 'La Liste: Everything or Nothing' is at its core an in-depth character study of two athletes writing a new chapter in the history of steep skiing. Undertaking remote expeditions to the world's harshest environments, where even the smallest mistake can have grave consequences, is taking a massive toll, physically and mentally, on the athletes and crew. With under a year to go, their strong relationships, resilience, and respect for the mountains are motivation to complete the challenge of making the impossible, possible.

Jérémie and SCOTT Sports have worked on pushing the limits of product development, so Jérémie can push the limits of steep skiing. The result is the Scrapper Jérémie Heitz Pro Model, a lightweight yet extremely hard-charging freeride ski, with a unique fiberglass reinforced construction that's built specifically for the long ascents and high-speed descents in this project.