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Free skiing has changed the skiing industry a lot. It was a long way from the 18th century Scandinavian people to the first plastic fiberglass ski in Montreal and onto today. But the modern downhill skiing sport might not be the same without Shane McConkey. Shane was one of the most important pioneers of the sport. He came up with the term “Freeskiing” and had the idea for skis being especially designed for powder snow. McConkey was heavily involved in the designing of the first rockered skis with K2, to help with better control over the skis in the powder.

The design was very innovative at the time since there was no skis that could handle powder properly. Today these kinds of skis are used everywhere and every ski company have their own rockered powder skis. 
Alpine skiing was introduced as an Olympic sport in 1936 at Garmisch-Partenkirchen and freestyle skiing saw its first glimpse of Olympic action in the Calgary winter Olympic Games in 1988.

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Before we get into choosing the right ski for you, we need to find out what type of skiing you’ll be doing. Here are a few general styles in freestyle skiing.

Vor dem Kauf Deines neuen Spielzeugs solltest Du Dir klar machen, ob Du eher in den Bereich Freeride oder Freestyle gehen möchtest. Wir erläutern die beiden Begriffe:


Freeriding is very simple. Almost any skis can handle a bit of freeriding, but the best skis for the job still depend on the conditions. Your imagination is the limit and you can ride anything depending on your mood.


Freestyle doesn’t have any restriction. You make your way from the top to the bottom doing anything you like whilst having fun. You’ll need a good all-around ski that can do well in any scenario, you can ride any part of the slopes with ease. 

Backcountry freeride:

Big Mountain, backcountry and deep powder, say any of those words and you’ll get a freeride skiers blood pumping. While riding in the deep powders of the backcountries, obviously you’ll need to stay afloat for your own good. To do so, you’ll need skis that are wide and most often have the rocker form, early rise and a soft flex is a plus. Some of today’s powder skis have an unique side cut shape like reverse side cut so the tips and the tails aren’t necessarily the widest points on the ski.

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