GripWalk: Perfect grip for your winter adventure

You have often heard the term "GripWalk technology", but you do not know exactly what it means? No problem, we bring light into the darkness! What exactly is GripWalk and how can it improve your skiing experience or make walking with ski boots much more pleasant? We at Sport Bittl inform you in the following article about everything you need to know about GripWalk.


What exactly is GripWalk?

GripWalk is a revolutionary technology in the winter sports sector that consists of a special sole system in ski boots and a binding matched to it. This combination enables a high level of comfort, stability and safety - before, after and during skiing.

The GripWalk sole has rounded, grippy lugs that provide improved grip on stony or icy surfaces. Therefore, the risk of slipping is much lower due to the profiled rubber sole.

Further plus points of GripWalk are ideal power transmission, precise release and a comfortable running feeling almost like in sneakers.

GripWalk sole and binding - Good to know

Generally speaking, a GripWalk sole also requires a GripWalk-compatible binding.

Accordingly, to take advantage of the GripWalk, the ski boots must be mounted in a GripWalk binding. A conventional ski binding is not designed for the GripWalk soles and could not provide the same performance, safety (e.g. regarding the release mechanism) and comfort. Therefore, it is important that the ski boots and the binding match and are both compatible with the GripWalk technology.

Image GripWalk Marker

How do I recognize the GripWalk system?

That's easy! The ski boot's GripWalk technology can be easily recognized by the special profile sole with rounded, grippy lugs. In addition, the boot has a GripWalk sticker in the toe area and a GripWalk symbol as well as a reference to ISO9523, which can be found on the sole in each case.

GripWalk bindings are usually marked with a special logo or lettering indicating ski boot compatibility with GripWalk soles.

Just look for the "GripWalk" symbol, which you will find on the AFD (Anti Friction Device).

By the way, in addition to the GripWalk symbol, the following markings can be found on the ski bindings, indicating the appropriate ski boots: A: Adult, MN: Multinorm as well as C: Child and CA: Child/Adult.

Is GripWalk compatible with other systems?

As mentioned above, GripWalk requires special bindings that are compatible with the rounded sole of GripWalk ski boots. So if you want to take advantage of a GripWalk sole, you also need a GripWalk compatible binding.

Alpine bind ings or normal bindings without GripWalk logo are generally not compatible with GripWalk soles.

Ski boots with alpine soles for adults that comply with ISO standard 5355 and ISO standard 5923 are generally compatible with GripWalk bindings as long as they are retrofitted with additional GripWalk sol es.

GripWalk overview Salomon

There are now also many ski boots with the GripWalk Option logo. These boots can be easily retrofitted with a GripWalk sole of the identical brand.

Our tip: In order to ideally match your equipment, you should always orient yourself to the GripWalk logo. Or you can get advice from our experts at one of our Sport Bittl stores.

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5 reasons why GripWalk should be your next choice

Comfort & Safety:

Compared to a normal ski boot sole, the GripWalk sole offers several advantages that make skiing and walking more comfortable and safer.

Because the GripWalk sole has a tread, walking in the ski boots is much more comfortable than with a smooth sole. This is especially beneficial when wearing the ski boots on the way to the slopes or from the gondola to the parking lot.

Better grip:

The GripWalk sole features rounded, grippy lugs that provide improved grip on icy, rocky or slippery surfaces. This helps reduce the risk of slipping.

Easier Handling:

GripWalk allows you to put on and adjust your ski boots more easily. The rounded cleats make it easier to get into the binding, which is especially advantageous for beginners and less experienced skiers.

GripWalk Box

More compatibility:

GripWalk soles are compatible with GripWalk bindings. This allows you to use your ski boots in different GripWalk bindings, providing flexibility and choice.

Improved power transmission:

GripWalk provides a better connection between ski boot and binding, resulting in improved power transmission and therefore more efficient ski control.

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GripWalk ski boots & bindings at Sport Bittl Shop

In our Sport Bittl store you will find a large selection of ski boots with GripWalk soles and compatible bindings.

Our experts are also available for individual advice so that you can find your perfectly matched ski set.

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