Buying advice trail running: The right equipment and the right accessories

two trail runners running across a meadow in the sunset

The equipment you need for trail running.

Your equipment is crucial for a successful run in the terrain, because an uneven trail and / or the slope represent a special challenge - not only for your physical fitness.

We show you what equipment you should not do without in order to experience unforgettable trail running adventures.

1. the right equipment

What equipment you need, of course, depends on the nature of your trail. However, some basics should not be missing on any trail adventure:

Trail running sole against mountain backdrop

Trail running shoes

The most important trail running basic are trail running shoes. Here you should (especially as a beginner) focus on optimal stability, protection and good grip / traction. The weight of the shoe is secondary, especially for beginners.

The shoes should be comfortable and fit ideally, so that you do not get annoying pressure points on the trail. A deep and coarse shoe profile provides you with a better grip on different surfaces. The good cushioning and the stiff sole offer you more safety and stability, while the robust upper material protects your feet from branches and stones.

Trail running shoes at Sport Bittl

2. the ideal clothing

When trail running, the weather plays a major role, as unpredictable weather changes can occur, especially in the mountains. Due to this, we recommend a multi-layered clothing choice.

Basically, you should rely on breathable and functional clothing, as this transports sweat to the outside during high stress. In addition, a lightweight hardshell jacket with a small pack size can fit in any backpack as rain protection.

The right trail running clothes

3. the optimal accessories

Choosing the right accessories is essential for your trail running adventures. Even if the sun is shining, it can quickly get chilly on your ears in the high altitudes, for example.

And how do I pack all this?

For this we recommend a light trail running backpack.

We wish you a lot of fun with trail running!

Trail runner in the mountains in front of mountain scenery