Cross-Country Poles

Cross-Country Poles at Sport Bittl Shop

The shaft, strap, basket and the grip define the comfort and the performance of a cross-country pole. We from Sport Bittl show You now the most important features and characteristics of a cross-country ski pole.
A variety of cross-country poles is made of carbon, which means they feature extremely low weight. In addition, they are extremely stable and ensure effective power transmission. 


If you prefer cross-country skiing on groomed trails, small asymmetric baskets are advantageous. If you prefer cross-country skiing across the country, big baskets are better. For those who prefer deep powder snow and therefore also deal with changing snow conditions, Sport Bittl recommends large baskets.


You have the choice between soft cork grips or grips made of plastic. A cork grip is warmer than a conventional plastic grip and thus it is more comfortable. The strap has to be adjustable for more comfort. Thus, the hand is completely enclosed and allows a particularly effective power transmission to the cross-country ski pole.

For the different cross-country skiing styles - classic or skating - you need different pole lengths.

Pole length = height x 0,83 => classic

Pole length = height x 0,9 => skating