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Padel Tennis - All rules explained in an understandable way

What exactly is padel tennis?

Discover the new trend sport Padel Tennis, an exciting combination of tennis and squash. Originally developed in Mexico, Padel Tennis has now become a global phenomenon and is thrilling the sports world. But what about serving, gameplay and scoring on the padel court?

Learn from Sport Bittl everything about the rules and differences to tennis, including valuable tips for your first padel tennis match.

Padel tennis racket with two yellow tennis balls on green court

How and where to play padel tennis?

Padel tennis is usually played in doubles, which means that a team consists of two players.

The padel court is a rectangular court with glass or grid walls that is smaller than a tennis court and typically measures 20 x 10 meters.

The walls of the court are not only used to keep the game in play, but can also be used actively, similar to squash in other words.

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In padel tennis, players take turns hitting the ball over the net. The ball is allowed to bounce once after the first serve before it must be returned.

Now let's dive deeper into the padel tennis rules:

Serve Rules:

The serve is from one of the two service courts behind the baseline. The ball must be played diagonally across the net into the opponent's service court. Be sure to position and serve correctly to follow the rules.


The players:take turns hitting the ball over the net. The ball is allowed to bounce once after the first serve before it must be returned. Actively use the walls to return the ball and gain tactical advantage.

Point Counting:

Point counting in padel tennis is similar to that in tennis. However, there are some differences and peculiarities in point counting:

  • "15" - The first point is referred to as "15".
  • "30" - The second point is counted as "30".
  • "40" - The third point is counted as "40".
  • "Game win" - When a player scores the fourth point, he wins the game

Good to know: There is a special feature when there is a tie of "40:40", which is called a "Deuce". Then follows an "advantage" for the next player who scores a point. If this player wins the next point, he wins the game. However, if the opponent scores the point, the scoring returns to "Deuce".

Differences from Tennis:

Padel tennis differs from tennis in some aspects:

The padel court is smaller, resulting in a more intense and faster game.

Padel racquets are smaller and have a firmer hitting surface compared to tennis racquets.

The padel tennis ball is smaller than an ordinary tennis ball and is made with less pressure. As a result, it has less bounce and allows for a more controlled game.

Also note the differences in serving rules, which we'll cover in more detail in the next section.

Rules when serving in padel tennis:

In padel tennis, certain rules apply to the serve:

Servingposition: the serve is made from one of the two service fields behind the baseline

Direction of serve: The ball must be played diagonally across the net into the opponent's service area.

Serveheight: The ball must be hit below the hip, similar to tennis.

Service fault: The server has only one attempt to execute the serve correctly. An error leads to a loss of points

Two padel tennis players playing on green tennis court

Can you play padel tennis in pairs?

You want to play padel tennis, but you are not sure if it is possible to play in pairs? Yes, it is!

Find out everything you need to know about playing for two here:

Although doubles play is the most common variation in padel tennis, you can also play padel tennis as a single. If you prefer to play singles, you can concentrate on your own skills and strategy on the padel court. Padel tennis singles allows you to develop your game individually and challenge yourself personally.

The rules of singles padel tennis are mostly similar to those of doubles. Below we present the most important rules for a singles match in padel tennis:

1. serve in singles:

The serve is from one of the two service courts behind the baseline. The ball must be played diagonally across the net into the opponent's service court. The correct service height and position must be maintained according to the rules.

2nd rally in singles:

After the serve, the ball is allowed to bounce once before it must be returned. The players:inside take turns hitting the ball over the net. Actively use the walls to return the ball and surprise your opponent.

3. scoring in singles:

The scoring in singles is generally the same as in doubles.

4. court and off:

The playing field in singles is the same as in doubles, a rectangular court with glass or grid walls. The walls are considered an active playing surface and can be used skillfully. The ball is scored "out" if it leaves the court or touches a wall above the bounding lines.

Padel tennis racket with yellow tennis balls on blue tennis court

Is padel tennis harder to play than tennis?

The difficulty of playing padel tennis compared to tennis can be subjective and depend on various factors.

Some players find padel tennis easier, while others prefer tennis. Ultimately, it depends on your personal preferences and abilities.

It can be helpful to simply try both sports to see which one suits you better and is more fun.

You should consider the following aspects:

  • Technical differences: Padel tennis requires a specific technique, as the rackets are smaller and have a fixed hitting surface. This requires precise ball control. The use of the walls as an active playing surface opens up new playing strategies and hitting techniques
  • Court sizeand tactics: the padel court is smaller than a tennis court, which can lead to faster rallies and more intense interactions. The walls provide additional tactical opportunities that require adjustments to game strategy
  • Physical demands: Padel tennis and tennis require physical fitness, coordination and endurance. In padel tennis, the focus is less on explosive running movements and more on agility, quick reactions, and skillful play along the walls
  • Getting Started and Learning Curve: Getting started in padel tennis can be easier than tennis because of the smaller playing surface and walls. Basic techniques and rules can be learned more quickly. However, it still requires practice and experience to master the game at a higher level

What shoes do I need for padel tennis?

It is advisable to choose shoes specifically for padel tennis or tennis, as they are designed for the specific requirements of the sport.

These will provide your feet with the necessary support and comfort to avoid injuries and get the most out of your padel tennis game.

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Tennis player with blue tennis shoes and tennis racket and tennis ball on red tennis court

When buying shoes for padel tennis, you should consider the following factors:

  • Grippy sole: Make sure the sole of the shoe provides good traction on the padel court to allow for quick changes of direction and abrupt stops
  • Stability: choose shoes with a sturdy construction that gives your foot support and stability. This is important to avoid injury and achieve optimal performance.
  • Cushioning: Padel tennis involves a lot of dynamic movements, so good cushioning in the shoes is important to protect the foot from shock and stress
  • Fit: make sure the shoes fit your foot well and provide enough support. A good fit reduces the risk of blisters and ensures a comfortable playing experience
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Padel in tennis near you

Padel tennis is an exciting sport that combines fun and challenge.

With the right knowledge of the rules, you can enjoy your next match on the padel court for sure.

We at Sport Bittl wish you a lot of fun!

By the way, youcan find more interesting information about padel tennis here in the Sport Bittl blog.

Do you want to prove your skills in the up-and-coming sport of padel tennis here in Munich and the surrounding area soon?

Here are some helpful addresses to make you a star on the Padel Tennis Court:

  • Scheck Allwetteranlage Padel, Münchner Straße 15, 85774 Unterföhring, Germany.
  • Padel City Munich, Pelkovenstraße 148, 80992 Munich, Germany
  • Sport Island Taufkirchen, Birkenstraße 169, 82024 Taufkirchen
  • Sportcenter Hahn Geretsried, Königsdorfer Weg 7, 82538 Geretsried
  • Padel facility Starnberg, Gautinger Strasse 39, 82319 Starnberg

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