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LINE Freeski innovations

Two of the things LINE prides itself on is their dedication to innovation and being different than the rest. Every time they sit together during a development process and brainstorm about new ski designs, they dream of redefining skiing. The motto to make skiing more fun (#morefunner) is therefore deeply rooted in their brand philosophy and values since they started 25 years ago in a garage in Burlington (Vermont).

Swallowtail Series

It's no secret that skiing and surfing have some crucial similarities, especially when we talk about powdering. If you look at surfboards, there are many different and unique designs and shapes that provide fast turns or stability. So Line has put different components together and integrated them into their innovations.

Skier with line ski

The LINE Pescado was the first ski born from this ideology. With its Swallowtail and wide shape, certainly THE ski when it comes to powder surfing. The Swallowtail provides a longer effective edge when you need it and at the same time less material at the tail for faster turns. In combination with a slightly backward offset binding position and the resulting generated lift (ski sinks at the tail), the Pescado is one of the best powder skis on the market, with which deep powder days become an absolute pleasure! But be careful! The Pescado doesn't just surf through powder. Despite its 125mm width under the binding, it also does surprisingly well on the slopes.

In addition, the specialists from LINE have found that the combination of stance and the sinking of the ski by the Swallowtail significantly increases the grip even outside the powder.

With this knowledge, it went back into the development process, because from this could be gained a lot and Line came up with a narrower Pescado...the SAKANA. The Sakana comes, just like the Pescado with a Swallowtail design, but offers greater variability due to its narrower width. With 105mm under the binding, the Sakana opened the door for a versatile all-mountain ski that the industry had not seen before. With the ability to surf in deeper snow and still deliver on the slopes, the Sakana is the best ski for all-mountain carves, slashes and basically the most fun time on the mountain.

Swallowtail Series Technology

But let's get to the technology. The Swallowtail is not simply a feature for an alternative, nicer design. With less material on the ski, the lighter weight is clearly felt and ultimately leads to less resistance in powder. As mentioned earlier, the shorter tail automatically pushes down, giving the ski better float and allowing you to stay in your usual central position over the ski.

The shape of the Swallowtail also provides a significantly longer effective edge, increasing control and power in your turns. The result is that Pescado and Sakana can be skied in shorter lengths without sacrificing performance.

Line freeskier during a jump

The new LINE Blade

The latest innovation is said to be the craziest of them all: the Line BLADE. It's no secret that Line's roots are in the park and the freestyle scene, and that's not about to change. But as sad as it is, you can't hang out in the park your whole life. One day you'll wake up and realize you want a ski that makes the entire mountain your playground. A ski that will have you chasing down slopes like never before and putting a grin on your face every turn.

The Blade comes with a 154mm wide shovel, a 95mm center width and 124mm tail. So it comes with a nice taper (tip is wider than tail). In addition, Line has designed a so-called kick tail, which in combination with the eye-catching sidecut ensures that you can control your turns extremely small

Line skier in powder

Convex Collection

Born out of a need to make powder skiing #morefunner! There is no better way to describe the evolution of the Convex Shape construction. The Sir Francis Bacon and the Outline, just like Pescado and Sakana, reflect creativity on the mountain. However, while Sakana and Pescado are somewhat limited for landings or turns, the Convex Shapes give you the maximum creative freedom. At LINE, they call the secret 3D Convex Tech™.

The so-called 3D Convex Tech™ is a rounding in tip and tail, which makes the ski much smoother as soon as these zones are loaded. The result is skis that give you more control over your butters or get you through powder easier and faster.

More fun in the powder and on the slopes!

So what are you waiting for? Convince yourself of the versatile freeski from LINE: The sky is the limit!

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