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How to determine the correct grip strength of your tennis racket

For your optimal game you need the right racket. A very common mistake is the wrong grip strength of your tennis racket, which leads to increased strain on your muscles and thus fatigue more quickly. The quality of your drive also decreases rapidly. Take a racket in your hand that is too big and one that is too small and you will immediately recognize the difference.
Only with a tennis racket with the right grip strength can you show your best game.

Display of the grip strength on the racket

Handle thickness and circumference

The grip thickness or the grip circumference can be used to find the right size of the grip of the tennis racket. The size is indicated either in the European scale 0 to 5 or the American variant 4 to 4 5/8" in inches/inches.

Where is the grip thickness written?

Usually, the grip size is written at the bottom of the tennis racket's handle. For example, if you find the indication 4 1/4 there, then it corresponds to the grip thickness 2.

Overview of the different handle sizes

Table overview handle sizes in EU and USA

Determine the optimal grip strength

The best method: Measuring

The best and most accurate way to determine the appropriate grip thickness for your new tennis racket is to measure the length between the tip of your ring finger and the second hand line on your hitting hand. The measured length in millimeters indicates the necessary circumference of the handle. Below in the overview we have listed the appropriate grip thicknesses for the measurements. For example, if you have determined a distance of 104 mm, you should select grip thickness 1, and grip thickness 5 for a distance of 115 mm.

Explanation measure the palm
Gripping around the bat with a finger-width gap

The simplest method: Try it out

There's a simple method you can use to find the right grip strength without doing a lot of math - but only if you have the tennis racket at hand.

Grasp the handle and try to place the index finger of the other hand between the palm and the fingertips. If you succeed, you have chosen a good grip strength. In general, the fingertips should not touch the ball of the hand and 1-3 cm should be free between them.

The choice of the right grip strength is very individual and the information given above is only a guideline. In general, you need to have a good feeling when playing.

Between sizes?

If you are in doubt about the right size of the grip, you should go for a smaller grip, because with the help of overgrip grip straps or grip enlargements you can always increase the strength, while reducing it is not possible.