Crossing the snow-covered Alps on a pair of skis is the dream of many a ski tourer. In March 2020, Fischer makes this dream come true for what is already the tenth time – with the Fischer Transalp. A unique experience amid spectacular scenery, that’s the promise this tour makes year upon year. Passionate mountain athletes from all over the world can now apply to take part in the Fischer Transalp 2020.

The Fischer Transalp has been taking selected participants across the Alps on skis in several stages since 2011. This kind of undertaking requires passion. Passion for the sport and for mountains. A passion that makes it possible to overcome obstacles and provides unforgettable experiences.

Last year, for example, the participants climbed through a blizzard and were rewarded with breathtaking views. They defied the rain to soak up the sun’s rays on the summit. They raced against time and left the first tracks in deep powder slopes.

Besides passion, meticulous planning and the support of experienced mountain guides are essential. Fischer sends additional tour experts from its own team. Product manager Martin Eisenknapp is responsible for the touring equipment division at Fischer and has been involved in the Transalp for many years now. “With motivated and experienced participants and the right equipment we create the ideal conditions for a great tour,” says Eisenknapp. The Fischer Transalp brings like-minded people together, lays the foundations for new friendships and makes it possible to share special moments with each other!

Fischer Transalp at a glance:

Dates of the Fischer Transalp: 2-8/3/2020

Route: Southern Alps (Europe) I Slovenia - Austria - Italy


  • Good level of physical fitness
  • Ability to handle six days of ski touring with around 1,500 m of ascent every day
  • Experience in judging terrain and safety
  • Solid, very safe skiing ability and technique in all snow conditions

Closing date for applications: 12 January 2020

In March 2020, the Fischer Transalp sets out for the tenth time. Applications for this anniversary tour can now be submitted.

For full details and the application form, go here: www.fischersports.com/transalp.

Application Form

Partners Transalp 2020:

Löffler (www.löffler.at), ESKA (www.eska.at), Die Bergstation (www.diebergstation.at)

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