Get your new race skis

Race skis are designed for maximum performance. With such a ski you get the ultimate skiing pleasure. The target group of such alpine skis includes riders with good to very good riding technique and condition, who demand the maximum from their skis. Often you meet ski enthusiasts who love the feeling of speed, to play with centrifugal forces and to use their edges.
If  you want to ski such a ski, take care about: An experienced ski technique, a good body sensation and sufficient strength are the basic prerequisites for skiing. It is not without reason that ski manufacturers use race-ski materials, technologies and designs that have been tested and approved by the World Cup racers. They offer an impressive performance in the upper tempo range, which means that these models are full on the slopes and damping small bumps completly.

Discover your new race skis from highend brands like Atomic, Blizzard, Fischer, Head, K2, Nordica, Salomon and Völkl.