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Innovative sports goggles should not only protect our eyes from UV rays, but also guarantee optimum visibility while weather changing (change in lighting conditions) and  ensure outstanding wearing comfort. In addition, modern sports goggles must protect Your eyes from objects during a crash.
Innovative technologies such as Prizm ™, Vivid ™, Spectron, Zebra and Cameleon increase contrast and ensure maximum visibility for greater safety. Anti-fog coatings enhance this effect.
Adjustable temples, nose pads and straps and ventilation systems provide more comfort.

Field of view

A large field of view is of enormous importance in order to be able to perceive movements or terrain changes at the edge of the field of view. If you only have a limited field of view, you will have to work harder. This leads to fatigue of the eyes as well as their physical strength and can thus impair safety during skiing. A multitude of ski accidents is due to poor perception.

Spherical lens

Many manufacturers use spherical lenses. These consist of a double glass construction and are based on the curvature of the human eye. This causes objects to be seen through the ski goggles as they actually are. Through this type of discs light rays hit undistorted and directly on the eye and allow a perfect view.

Photochromic lens.

Goggles are increasingly being produced with self-tinting windows. These have the advantage that they react to UV radiation and accordingly darken. Such a disc usually has category 1 as a basis and then darkens to category 3.

Changeable lenses

Another possibility is through glasses with interchangeable lenses. Here either discs can be completely replaced or a second disc can be used on the goggles. Thus, you can use the perfect match for different weather conditions.

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