ROECKL SPORTS buying advice winter cycling gloves

Roeckl cycling gloves for winter

Cycling even in winter - this keeps your hand warm on the handlebars!

With these practical tips you will find the perfect cycling gloves to keep your hands nice and warm despite falling temperatures in winter.

Why do I need winter cycling gloves?

If you want to get on your bike in winter, high-quality warm winter gloves provide more riding fun. They not only protect against wind and weather, but also ensure safe and precise operation of handlebars, gears and brakes.

In addition, the properly selected product prevents hand fatigue. Fit and comfort are decisive criteria here. And of course, different areas of use, preferences and needs must be taken into account. To help you find the optimal gloves for your intended use, we have put together a buying guide with the most important points of reference.


E-bikes have become an integral part of today's streetscape (and trails) - cycling with battery support is fun and you get to your destination faster. But which glove is the right one for e-biking? In general, the same criteria apply to e-bike cycling gloves as to all other cycling gloves. However, you should be dressed a little warmer when e-biking than on a normal bike, because the e-bike takes some of the work off your hands and you produce less body heat as a result. In addition, the higher speed and thus more wind increase the unpleasant wind chill effect. And since you usually sit longer on the bike, comfort should not be neglected and you should choose a more comfortable damping.

What are the types of construction of winter cycling gloves?

Finger Gloves
In finger gloves you have the best fine motor skills, which is why they are very popular with most cyclists. You can move your individual fingers independently, allowing you to operate the gears and brakes with precision and accuracy.

Lobster/Trigger gloves
These models have only 3 "fingers" instead of 5. Optionally, the index / middle finger and ring finger / little finger share a finger box or the index finger has its own and the remaining three are together in one box.

Due to the special design, there is more heat-insulating air in the glove and your fingers can warm up by touching each other. Thus, the gloves offer even better protection against the cold. At the same time, you have optimal freedom of movement for reliable handling of brakes and gears.

Worn under your actual gloves, undergloves form an additional thin, warming layer and provide an extra boost of warmth in icy temperatures. Whether silk, merino or knit, Roeckl Sports' undergloves can be combined with all other glove models.

What should I look for when buying winter gloves?

Who wants to sit in the saddle in the cold season confidently and with warm hands, must be able to rely on his winter cycling gloves on top performance. This can look like this:

WINDDICHT - an absolute must-have.

Due to their exposed position on the handlebars, hands easily cool down when cycling in winter. Not so with the windproof gloves from ROECKL SPORTS - they are absolutely resistant to cold wind and keep your fingers reliably warm on the road. Special backhand materials play a key role here, such as elastic, breathable and windproof GTX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell or lining and ROECK-PROOF®, a 100% windproof and highly breathable Soft Shell material, exclusive to ROECKL SPORTS.

Windproof gloves

WATERPROOF - for wet days

Whether it's raining or snowing, these winter cycling gloves will keep your hands not only reliably dry, but also pleasantly warm. Their outer material is waterproof to prevent moisture from penetrating, and windproof to protect against icy winds. This high thermal performance meets top breathability, so that you do not sweat at the hands during a lot of action on the bike. Waterproof, windproof and extremely breathable GORE-TEX® is used, as well as the ROECK-TEX® membrane, a permanently waterproof and breathable membrane with first-class wearing comfort.

Waterproof gloves

ISOLATION - more warmth

When it's really cold or you get cold hands quickly, extra-warm gloves are ideal - and trigger constructions are even a bit warmer than finger gloves. In the EXTRA WARM models from Roeckl Sports, an additional layer of puffy, soft and ultra-light PrimaLoft® Gold insulation fibers ensures maximum heat retention, while also being windproof and breathable. PrimaLoft® Gold insulation with Cross Core™ technology, for example, fuses the fibers with aerospace-grade aerogels for an unprecedented weight-to-warmth ratio. With their slightly longer fit, these gloves also protect your sensitive pulse area and close optimally at the wrist so that the temperature inside remains constant.

Insulated gloves

What padding do my cycling gloves need in winter?

As a winter cyclist who often rides long distances, or as an ambitious mountain biker, road cyclist or gravel biker, it's best to choose gloves with efficient cushioning. Because your hands carry a part of your body weight while biking and are sometimes exposed to strong punctual stress. An ergonomic palm design, such as the ERGONOMIC CUT from Roeckl Sports with padding made of high-quality foam, ensures more comfort on the handlebar. Another highlight is the efficient XRD® Technology with its particularly thin, tactile, breathable and durable cushioning material, which noticeably reduces hand fatigue. Especially cyclists who are often on the road on rough surfaces appreciate this. The patented COMFORT-INNOVATION from Roeckl Sports, a clever padding of the crook of the thumb, further increases comfort. As an environmentally conscious biker, you'll find the optimal padding in the high-performance and breathable BIOcore cushioning. It has a vegetable material content of 45%, is designed to be particularly durable, reduces shocks and noticeably reduces hand fatigue. The innovative BI-FUSION® damping technology from Roeckl Sports guarantees longer riding pleasure on all tours. Thanks to a sophisticated two-component construction, it cushions even more efficiently than conventional gel gloves and thus plays in a league of its own when it comes to comfort and performance. It distributes pressure and weight optimally, nestles ergonomically to the hand and guarantees you a precise and comfortable grip on the handlebar. Tired and numb hands are a thing of the past. If you mainly ride short distances or prefer a direct grip on the handlebar, you can use cycling gloves without damping for maximum handlebar control.

Padded gloves

The right size

To fully exploit its functionality, a cycling glove must fit perfectly. You can determine your size by measuring the circumference of your hand at the widest point excluding the thumb. You can then check the corresponding glove size in the ROECKL Sports size chart.

Generally speaking, it is important to remember that gloves that are too large will reduce sensitivity. Gloves that are too small strain your hands and your fingers freeze more quickly because the space for an insulating air cushion is lost. Make sure that the thumb and index finger fit precisely and that the cuff lies well above the wrist.