Test report on the Transalper mountain boot from Dynafit

Test Dynafit Transalper

For lightness, flexibility and secure grip - the new Transalper from Dynafit

The Transalper mountain boot is the new, lightweight all-rounder from Dynafit: A quick run up your local mountain at the end of the day, a long tour through the most beautiful mountains or a via ferrata on the weekend? Here the Transalper mountain boot from Dynafit is the perfect companion! We have tested the shoe under various conditions for you. What convinced us in particular, you can read below.

A test report by Eva from the online marketing team.

Unboxing - I am curious!

Even when unpacking the Transalper seems very light, I'm curious how it feels put on.

The Seamless T ongue - a seamless pleasant tongue construction - feels soft and is easy to handle. The Precision Fit quick lacing system adjusts surprisingly well to the foot, one more lace up and it fits. I simply tuck the rest of the lace into the elastic pocket above the tongue. The foot feels well supported, in combination with the quick lacing system, the shoe has a precise fit without constricting.

To the Dynafit Transalper

On your mark, get set, go!

First, the Transalper may accompany me on my run. On the gravel trails he immediately shows what he can do: The outsole provides excellent traction on a wide variety of surfaces, whether wet or dry, uphill or downhill. The Megagrip Compound rubber compound can what! With a 10mm drop from heel to forefoot and a medium volume, it is the ideal shoe for fast training sessions. The cushioning is comfortable and the shoe fits perfectly to the foot thanks to Dynafit's thoughtful construction in the forefoot, is super light and comfortable to run.

The Heel Preloader, a diagonal reinforcement at the heel, does not constrict the heel and still provides a firm and secure hold in the back of the foot without that I consciously feel it.

Run 1 Test Dynafit Transalper
Image 2 Dynafit Transalper
Image 3 Dynafit Transalper
Image 4 Dynafit Transalper

Now it's off to the mountain!

Let's see how the Transalper does on the mountain.

Normally I wear high trekking shoes - I'm skeptical whether the light half shoe convinces me. In addition, it is quite warm on this day. The narrow path to the Osterfeuerkopf leads first through dense forests and then climbs steeply. There are some sections with loose scree that require surefootedness. Uphill over roots, stones and narrow trails to the first summit cross I notice again the grippy and stable outsole. There is also faster pace.

Test Dynafit Transalper mountain

The Vibram® sole with Climbing Zone scores with a balance of grip and traction and provides perfect grip on both rock and soft ground, as well as a dynamic movement.

The TPU toe cap protects the foot and my toes from rocks and impact and prevents rapid wear of the material by scratches.

Over a narrow ridge to the Hirschberg in the direction of Heimgarten I feel the shoe already no longer, regardless of the surface makes the shoe everything with and just fun. This allows me to enjoy the trail, the spectacular scenery and the breathtaking views of the mountains.

I can test the additional hooks on a short climbing passage on the route to Rötelstein. If more support is needed, the shoe can be laced tighter thanks to an additional hook on the shaft and thus guarantees even more stability when it comes to fast, safe climbing.

Downhill it goes again over changing ground and times through the water, even here the shoe does not slip despite wet ground. The last piece of forest road downhill can be jogged easily with the Transalper. The u-shaped construction of the rear footbed guarantees more stability on fast downhill. The test lap of just under 18km and 1045 hm has convinced me!

Despite summer temperatures, my feet still feel well ventilated at the end of the tour, the upper made of breathable mesh and synthetic leather in combination with the breathable soft lining helps to keep the foot cool and dry.

Test Dynafit Transalper hook

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My conclusion

The Dynafit Transalper will definitely be my new shoe in alpine terrain with short climbing sections, on running laps over trails as well as on day tours. The shoe is designed specifically for athletic climbers and runners who feel comfortable on difficult and uneven terrain and want to test their limits - you can feel it.

It's light and flexible enough for technically challenging trails, but also provides enough support and protection for longer distances. The good comfortable fit turns out narrower than other models and felt very good. The thoughtful forefoot construction, along with the quick lacing system, provides optimal support and a precise fit without constricting. The Heel Preloader has provided a firm and secure hold in the back of the foot and thanks to Seamless Tongue, the shoe offers great comfort without pressure points. So all in all: all thumbs up for the Dynafit Transalper!