Microadventures in winter - tips from LOWA

Even in the cold season you can experience numerous little adventures. Are you short of ideas? No problem, we have a few tips that will guarantee that you won't get bored and can enjoy the winter outdoors to the fullest.

Tip 1: Build snow bar

Where can I do this?

For this adventure you only have to find a suitable place in the garden - and you can start right away!

What do I need for it?

In addition to suitable footwear and weatherproof clothing, you will of course need enough snow. We also recommend a snow shovel and enough buckets or other containers - and you're ready to go!

How does it work?

First of all, fill your container with snow and tamp it down properly. When setting up the snow bar, it is especially important that the snow blocks are as close as possible to and on top of each other. The gaps between the blocks can then be gradually filled with more snow. To make the snow bar particularly stable, you can now spray it with cold water! The fogging function via the garden hose is particularly useful here.

Who is the adventure suitable for?

This winter adventure is very easy and can be done by everyone. The more helping hands, the easier and faster it is to build the snow bar. So everyone is welcome to lend a hand, whether young or old! And of course, the bar can then be inaugurated directly with a mulled wine, tea or children's punch.

Extra tip: If you want to make your snow bar even more party-worthy, you can of course decorate it with fairy lights or other decorations - there are no limits to your creativity!

Snow bar box
Box hiking

Tip 2: Hiking in the snow

Where can I do it?

It's quite simple - you can go snowshoeing anywhere where there is enough snow during the cold season. Of course, it doesn't always have to be a multi-hour hike in the mountains - a walk through the snow-covered nature on your doorstep or nearby is also an optimal and simple variation for this adventure.

What do I need for this?

Whether it's an ambitious hike with snowshoes specially made for the purpose or just a walk in snowy climes - the right footwear is definitely important here. Depending on the level of difficulty, there are also other rules to follow, such as avalanche assessment and keeping to marked trails.

For whom is the adventure suitable?

Basically, this little adventure is suitable for anyone who enjoys being outdoors in winter temperatures - just put on your shoes and you're ready to go!

For more complex and longer tours in the mountains, of course, there is a little more to consider - in addition to a certain basic condition and experience, it is important to have the right equipment ready, not to overestimate yourself and, in case of doubt, not to take any risks. In addition, you should always carry a cell phone to be able to call for support immediately in case of emergency.

Box sled

Tip 3: Sledding fun on your own doorstep

Where can I do this?

This adventure is also easy to realize. Almost every hill in your area is suitable for a sled ride - provided there is snow. And if the first hill is already too busy or it gets boring after a certain time - just go to the next one!

What do I need for it?

Besides the appropriate winter conditions, all you need is a suitable sled or bobsled. Weatherproof clothing and the right footwear are also recommended - and the wild ride can begin!

If you want to fortify yourself in between, pack some tea or children's punch and a few small treats.

For whom is the adventure suitable?

For everyone who likes a little action and is not afraid of possibly ending up in the snow. Especially for families with children, sledding is often very popular.

How much time do I have to plan for it?

Depending on your mood - here you are really completely free and unbound! The more mountains you explore with your sled, the longer you will be on the road. But this adventure is also the ideal solution to simply get out into the fresh air for 1-2 hours. But we are sure: Once you start, the fun will certainly not let up so quickly.

Extra tip: If you don't have a sled available right now, there are plenty of other ways to slide down the hill. An old baking tray or a garbage bag, for example, are also suitable. Try it out!

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