SCOTT eRide - all you need to know

The design of the SCOTT eRIDE mountainbikes had one goal: offering the best e-bike to the customer. This summer every trip with your e-bike is going to be a trail adventure!

Your e-bike is already set for the next adventure? But you still have a few questions concerning your SCOTT eRIDE? Then maybe our e-bike guide will be useful!

Find your E-Bike (Pedelec with motor support up to max. 25km/h) in our shop and start your bike season 2019!


E-Bike Regulations

Can I fly with an electric bike? 
Getting on a plane with an E-Bike requires special authorization, please contact your airline company before booking your ticket.

Do I need to wear a special helmet to ride an e-bike?
For your security always wear a helmet when you are riding a bike or an e-bike. A motorcycle grade helmet could be mandatory with a Speed-pedelec. Please check the local regulation or let advice you in our shop.

Do I need to get insurance for my e-bike?
Speed Pedelec need to be insured in most of European countries, have a look with your insurer. Pedelecs with motor support up to max. 25km/h don't need to be insured. 

Do I need a specific driving license to ride an electric bike?
In Europe an AM (M) license is required for Speed Pedelecs (45km/h E-Bikes). For whom ever has a driving license there is no issue.
•    1 Switzerland minimum age 14 years old
•    2 USA Type 3 minimum age 16

For Pedelec with motor support up to max. 25km/h you don't need a driving licensce.


Can I ride my e-bike when it’s raining or in the mud? 
Both the engine and the battery are water resistant, so there is no problem for riding in wet conditions.

How to wash an e-bike:
1.    As an E-Bike is water resistant you can wash it as you would wash a normal bike. 
2.    Remove the major part of the dirt with a water-jet (never use a high-pressure car washer)
3.    With a soft brush and with the aid of a bike cleaner (bike specific, do not use car or motorbike products), clean the remaining dirt
4.    Once it’s done, rinse the bike with water to remove the washing fluid (never use a high-pressure car washer)
5.    When the bike is clean, turn the bike upside down during few seconds in order to remove standing water, then wipe off the bike.
6.    We recommend to wipe the electrical contact plates of the battery afterwards as well
7.    To finish, lubricate the chain with bike specific chain lube 

Take care of you bike also in winter

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