CMP History

CMP - more than just a story

CMP: Manufacturing tradition and italian style. Highest quality standards at every single stage of the production process.

History and production

The story of F.lli Campagnolo started during the period after the Second World War thanks to Maria Disegna and her sons Andrea, Mario, Antonio, Silvano and Giorgio. It is the story of the entrepreneurial intuition of an entire family, five brothers who through growth and consolidation have turned the family "shop" into a solid international business reality. Many different yarns woven together to create the weft of just one story, that of the Campagnolo brothers, who in the sixties founded their first company. This was the start of production by F.lli Campagnolo, manufacturing and selling directly to the public, other retailers soon beat a track to their door. This was followed by children's knitwear, the first track suits, the must-have item of the eighties, and evolved into the introduction of fleece garments in 1990.  F.lli Campagnolo's strength lies in its large production structure, comprising a total of 5 factories. This means that the production of garments can be controlled from purchase of the thread right through to the finished article. A policy that contributes greatly to keeping costs down and which puts the brand at the top of the sector on a worldwide level. Specialisation in the knitwear sector permits the group to produce products that are continually evolving. This is the result of a dedicated design team, staffed by experienced stylists, researching new materials and monitoring closely the up and coming trends in the global market place.
CMP is able to offer a series of materials and technologies that feature unique performances, result of 50 years or constant research by the Company. Love for nature, life in the great outdoors and their work have always been values that distinguish the company. CMP produces high-performance garments suitable for all climates so that you can enjoy all activities and moments of your day: from skiing and outdoor recreation, to dynamic city life. The CMP collections offer endless colour combinations that not only ensure that all our garments can be combined with one another, but also mean you can always find the right one to best match your own personality.
The fleece production gained OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification over twenty years ago, confirming that it is free from any substances toxic to people or harmful to the environment, in compliance with strict parameters of quality and nontoxicity. Welcome to CMPs world: where love for nature and a healthy life blend in style and colour, creating clothing featuring cutting-edge technologies.