Test report Wild Country Syncro Helmet

The Syncro is a helmet for all types of climbing, from sport climbing to trad and alpine climbing.

The Syncro has a robust in-mold with an inner shell of Poystrol and an additionally reinforced and robust outer shell of hard polycarbonate. This protects against hard impacts from all directions, top, side, front and back. The thin and soft strap system is fully adjustable to fit any head. In addition, the generous ventilation ensures a cool head.

A test report by Andi - mountain guide and state-certified ski instructor from Traunstein.

My expectations for my equipment

During my tours, I have to be able to rely on my material 100%. I have no time and also no patience to deal with details. The EXPERIENCE of a tour should always be in the foreground. Therefore, I deal very intensively with the product before a new acquisition. The condition, processing, function, safety and sustainability play a major role. The first overall impression should simply fit.

Wild Country Rock Climbing 01

At first sight I saw a plain, but very sporty helmet . However, this impression should change quickly. After only a few handles I have adjusted the strap closure system to my head and could determine the comfortable fit. The all-round padding gives the helmet the necessary comfortable support.

The integrated headlamp holder wears minimally and includes the necessary functions to be able to hold the headlamp well in the right position. The helmet has all the important functions, so the first impression already fit.

Actually, we had picked out a nice tour on the Alte-Westwand at Hoher Göll for testing. The big funnel, a classic in the Berchtesgaden mountains. Unfortunately, the late onset of winter put a spoke in our wheel and so it became a few sport climbing routes in our beautiful home Chiemgau.

Together with my son, my touring partner, I tested the helmet together down to the smallest detail. The exchange of experiences among themselves brings the most diverse perspectives to light.

The Wild Country brand has developed a successful safety-relevant centerpiece with the Syncro climbing helmet. Whether for trad, sport or alpine climbing, this helmet reliably protects from all sides and is also very comfortable. The reinforced outer shell brings additional protection against falling rocks. Under the chin, the safety closure brings the necessary hold on the head. In addition, the generous ventilation ensures a cool head. The removable and washable soft padding round out the comfort. With its only 260g, wearing it on a long day trip will be a pleasure. The certification for climbing and mountaineering according to EN 12492 round out the whole.

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Wild Country Syncros Overview

The most important details at a glance

  • Rugged in-mold construction & polycarbonate outer shell
  • Band closure system - height and width easily adjustable
  • Band separator for better fit on the ears
  • Soft removable Velcro closure and washable padding
  • Very generous ventilation
  • Headlamp holder
  • Safety closure
  • Weight 260 grams
  • Certified according to EN 12492 climbing and mountaineering

The SYNCRO HELM in the test

The test in pairs was ideal. Due to the constant changing, the simple strap closure system has proven to be a very good and fast adjustment system.

The adjustment to the different head sizes went smoothly and the hold was sensationally good. The entire system adapts very well to the corresponding head shape.

We noticed the all-round padding very positively. With competitors, this usually has an interruption and thus light pressure points can arise.

The helmet shape offers a very good all-round visibility, especially the leader can be seen without any problem with an overstretched head behind.

Climber on the wall with Wild Country
Helmet overview 01
Helmet overview 2
Helmet overview 03
Helmet overview 04

Areas of application of the Syncro climbing helmet

The SYNCRO helmet, an all-rounder among climbing helmets. It can be used in all areas without any problems. Especially in very warm temperatures and long tours, the large ventilation areas prove their merit and the athletes:inside keep a cool head. For colder temperatures, the interior offers enough space for an additional headscarf.

He can thus be used in all activities, in the climbing gym, sport climbing, via ferrata or alpine rock and ice or even for high altitude tours. An ideal companion.

My test conclusion

My son and I have found a new favorite product. The helmet has impressed us so much that we are now competing to see who gets to wear it.

It can be adjusted quickly and easily and fits comfortably to the individual head shape. At the same time, it is very light and meets all safety-related needs. An ideal companion for all adventures around the rock & the experience on the mountain.

There are no points of criticism worth mentioning. I could well imagine using the helmet as a ski touring helmet, if he could also meet this standard.

We can not say anything about the hardness of the material, since we were fortunately able to avoid a rockfall test.

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