Soca Valley in Slovenia
The wild river Soca
On the banks of the Soca
Riparian vegetation on the Soca

Am Ufer der Soča

In the Soca Valley
The idyllic hinterland of the Soča Valley

Das idyllische Hinterland des Soča-Tals

Hike above the valley

Neue Perspektiven beim Wandern oberhalb des Tals

Idyllic villages in the Soca Valley

Idyllische Dörfer säumen den Fluss

Spectacular canyons await you!

Spektakuläre Schluchten erwarten Dich!

Soca valley gorge

Slovenia's Soča Valley: a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts

The Soča Valley in the mountainous north of Slovenia has everything for the perfect outdoor vacation: Crystal clear rivers, green mountains, good infrastructure and an excellent trail and path network. Whether you want to go mountain biking, explore the Soča in a kayak or rubber dinghy, or discover the unique nature while hiking, everyone will get their money's worth here.

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The Soca with its crystal clear water

The highlights

Natural paradiseThe Soča is a pristine wild river with emerald green waters and the valley with its spectacular gorges, wide gravel banks and forested mountains captivates all visitors.

VariedWhether for hiking, kayaking or mountain biking adventures, the entire area offers a variety of opportunities for outdoor and sports enthusiasts.

For every budget: The numerous campsites in the valley are not only well equipped, they also guarantee reasonable prices for the vacationers.

The offer is completed by small but fine private hostels, eco-lodges in the nature and some hotels, which also meet upscale demands.

Insider tip: Especially in the summer months it can be crowded in the valley, but the numerous side valleys are just as beautiful and much less developed - here you are guaranteed to find peace and relaxation.

The most important facts

Access and location: The Soča Valley can be reached from Germany via the A10 in Austria and a short detour to Italy, where you cross the border to Slovenia over the 1156m high Predil Pass and then simply drive down the valley.

Climate: Due to the special location of the Soča (the valley is open to the south to the Mediterranean Sea) the climate is very mild both in spring and still in autumn, in summer it can be hot sometimes - for water sports in the rather cool river this is the ideal season.

Travel time: Summer is the main tourist season with the highest number of visitors, for those who can arrange it, the low season in spring and autumn is ideal for a visit.

Above the Soca Valley in Slovenia

What you can discover

The Soča is one of the last relatively pristine wild rivers in Europe. With its largely undeveloped banks, large gravel banks and forested mountains, the upper reaches of the 140km long river are particularly worth seeing. The river rises in the Julian Alps, in Slovenia's Triglav National Park, and then flows toward the Mediterranean Sea.

Time and again, the Soča offers spectacular sights, for example near Bovec, where the river forces its way through a gorge almost a kilometer long and 10 to 15 meters deep. The banks are lined again and again by idyllic little villages that invite you to linger and explore.

The soca valley

Hiker's paradise

In the valley and around it there is an almost endless choice of hiking trails - for ambitious alpinists as well as for pleasure hikers.

The oldest hiking trail in the national park is about 20 km long and crosses the river at various points. The wooden suspension bridges offer a breathtaking panorama of the wildly roaring river every time. Especially the upper course of the Soča is extremely spectacular, in its waters numerous trout cavort and the valley with its surrounding forests and mountains offers a unique habitat for many rare mammals, birds and insects as well as protected wild plants.

So there is a lot to discover and when your feet are burning, you can cool off in the river - be sure to watch out for the strong current and only venture into the water in calm places.

But not only directly at the Soča there is a lot to see, if you climb the mountains surrounding the valley, you have a fantastic view of the river and you can get to know the area from a whole new perspective.

Water sports

The Soča is a challenging white water stretch and one of the most popular kayak destinations in Europe . The different levels of difficulty (from I to V) are suitable for both beginners and experienced kayakers who prefer technically challenging sections. Equipment and courses can be booked on site, so you don't need to have any previous experience. Please note, however, that you must have a permit to paddle on the river (you can get this easily on site or online) and be sure to inform yourself about dangers (rapids, high water, etc.) before going on a trip.

If you prefer to travel with an experienced guide, you can explore the river in an inflatable boat - there are numerous rafting providers throughout the valley.

Those who enjoy spending time on the water and are looking for peace and quiet rather than action can try fishing. The valley has two designated fishing areas where you can catch your own dinner after purchasing a permit. Fly fishing is especially popular and anglers:inside can look forward to the famous Soča trout, but grayling, brook and rainbow trout also bite regularly.

Soca valley gorge

Bike tours

Bike tours are an excellent way to explore the beautiful valley and its mountainous hinterland. There are many tours of varying difficulty and numerous mountain trails, forest roads and driveways offer mountain bikers almost unlimited possibilities. For pleasure cyclists, the routes through the valley are best suited. Mountain bikes and e-bikes can be rented in various towns - ideal for those who do not want to transport their own bike.

The idyllic Soca Valley

Conclusion: adrenaline or relaxation?

The valley has adventures in store for all adrenaline junkies: whether trail running in the mountains, climbing on rock faces or in extra climbing gardens (ideal for families), zip-lining where you are well secured on steel ropes and whiz along above the valley or canyoning - in the Soča Valley no one gets bored so quickly.

But the area also offers many great opportunities for those seeking relaxation. Ecotourism in particular has established itself in recent years and true oases of tranquility have emerged away from the hotspots. Especially the side valleys of the Soča offer a lot of untouched nature, tranquility and largely undiscovered gems. Even in the low season in spring and fall, you still have many places in the valley to yourself.

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