Re-Source by Scott: For sustainable outdoor clothing!

Scott relies on a sustainable and green strategy for its clothing to reduce the burden on the environment and use resources as much as possible. In the current collections you will find more and more products of the Ro-Source line, which meet strict ecological standards.

What is Re-Source all about?

In short, it's all about respect and sustainability, and the program focuses on three core aspects that receive special attention:

People: All people involved in the supply chain should be treated with dignity and respect. Special focus is placed here on the social standards that Scott implements with its partners. These include appropriate compensation and benefits, reasonable working hours and conditions, and support for environmentally responsible practices.

Planet: Resources should be used in a way that does not harm ecosystems or future generations.

Products: To optimize the sustainability of Scott products while maintaining high levels of performance through innovation, technology and design.

Discover now products from the Re-Source collection:

What measures have been taken?

The re-source idea has been incorporated into the new collection in many ways. Not only have they used more sustainable materials in production, but they have also looked at ways to improve the packaging of their products by removing unnecessary plastic and using better alternatives. They have also looked for ways to use fabric scraps to reduce the amount of production waste and offer some unique products. Finally, they have also explored new material construction methods to reduce the release of microfibers into the environment. All of this contributes to a more sustainable production and thus reduces the burden on the environment.

What does that mean in concrete terms?

  • All Scott Re-Source certified products must be made from either 50% recycled material or 100% certified natural materials
  • Products must have a PFC-free "Durable Water Repellence" coating
  • Already 61% of the current winter collection is Re-Source labeled (up from 28% last year)
  • 89% of the collection has PFC-free impregnation
  • 63% of the collection consists of at least 50% recycled materials