Tecnica Forge - shaped for You

The first outdoor shoe with customizable fit.

The Forge family and all future outdoor products will be created around three pillars:

  1. Fit: „The first shoe shaped for You“. A revolutionary 360° fit concept that offers great out-of-the box fit with Tecnica’s proprietary C.A.S. Technology, a complete, real time, in store customization solution.
  2. Versatility: All Tecnica footwear will do more. A progressive mindset will be used on the design of all our shoes to create products which can be used in a variety of activities, terrain and conditions.
  3. Design: A new and unique design approach that combines style with versatility. Tecnica´s goal is to always offer the best performing footwear in each category with an extremely versatile and visual appeal.

1. FIT

Fit is the most important feature.

Tecnica has developed four unique solutions:

  1. C.A.S.: Forge is the first outdoor shoe with customizable fit
  2. Ultimate anatomical last
  3. Overlap Design
  4. Self-locking lace design

Forge- customizable custom fit revolution

Thanks to C.A.S. (Custom adapticve shape) technology the Forge is individually shaped for You. We are all unique and we all deserve our own boots.In only 20 minutes every customer will experience a completely new and unique fit. This shoe is made for You.

Thanks to C.A.S. ...

  • No more boots that are too tight or too roomy.
  • No more heel pressure or not enough heel hold
  • No more need to buy expensive after-market footbeds.
  • No break-in time; the fit is perfect from the very first step.

C.A.S. footbed

Features of the first high-end, customizalbe footbed built specifically to match the unique last of Your foot:

  • Fully customizable arch and heel cup for incredibly natural support and foot hold.
  • Supportive Trekking specific designed thermo-formable inserts.
  • Customizable EVA layer on the forefoot and heel shock areas offers comfort and cushioning.
  • Perforated zones.

C.A.S upper

Features of the first heat-customizable upper:

  • Customizable heel pocket for perfect heel hold.
  • Customizable arch matches the customizable footbed for ultimate arch support.
  • Customizable ankle pads adjust the size and positioning of the malleolar pads to accommodate the wide range of customer needs.

Ultimate anatomical last

  • Completely anatomical, pre-shaped, precise, supportive and comfortable
  • Anatomically supportive arch
  • Anatomically shaped ankle with malleolar pads

Overlap Design

  • Relieves pressure points on the larger and more sensitive medial malleolar pad
  • Allows more space for customization inserts on the inner malleolar pad, where there is usually the widest variation in foot shapes
  • The new anatomical overlap design perfectly matches the anatomic last.
  • Elastic fabric and Gore-Tex® mebrane on the collar area allows easy step-in

Self locking lace design

  • Precise micro-adjustability
  • No lace loosening while walking
  • No lateral exposure eliminating breaking laces
  • Unique, even foot wrapping alleviates pressure points

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Anatomical last

Overlap Design

Kevlar loops

Schlaufen aus Kevlar

Innovative collar

2. Versatility

Versatility means combining progressive style with optimal performance for a wide variety of situations:

The Forge ensures a number of unique technologies to increase the range of use:

  • Adaptive sole design
  • Adaptive upper material
  • Proctection on variable conditions

Adaptive sole design

The oversized lugs are reversed to increase the contact of the rubber with the surface:


  • Lower midsole layer: Soft density EVA allows the deformation of the lugs to adapt to different terrains.
  • Central layer: Hard ESS EVA protects the foot from hard, edgy rocks.
  • Upper layer: Mid density EVA is light, flexible and cushioned to deliver the maximum level of comfort. 
  • Vibram® Megagrip Compound delivers the ultimate level of grip and durability on all surfaces and terrain.

Adaptive upper materials

Both Forge and Forge S uppers are built with a newly developed, highls abrasion resistant elastic fabric. This allows a high level of support, protection and durability.


  • High-level of adaptability during customization
  • High-level of flexibility and comfort while walking.

Protection from variable conditions

The use of premium nubuk leather on the Forge and the uniquely developed stretch DWR treated fabric offers water rebelleny and durability.

Thanks to the GORE-TEX® membrane this shoes ensure an ultimate combination of waterproofness and breathability.

3. Design

The best performing footwear with the most innovative technologies and modern design. 

You can wear this boots pretty much everywhere - during hiking, travelling or in nature. The unique, customizable fit makes the Forge Your ideal companion on all Your adventures.

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