Snowboards from park to powder

Snowboarding is out? Not with us! Hardly any other sport offers such a great fun and action factor. Snowboarding embodies freedom, fun and adventure for us - and it's not over yet!

General information about snowboarding:
You can distinguish the boards according to their fields of application:

  • Freestlye - for park / street use
  • Freeride - for power / backcountry
  • All-Mountain - for Piste / Allrounder

All-Mountain Snowboards: All-Mountain Boards are the perfect all-rounder! If you are not sure which board suits your style and which field of application the board should be suitable for, an all-mountain board is your perfect companion. The boards can be used in all terrains, meaning that the boards are suitable for both piste and backcountry adventure and park action.

Freeride Snowboards: The backcountry is your home. You spend most of the time off the piste in the deep snow, then you need a freeride board. You need the powder for your soul. The boards have a directional shape (nose is wider than Tail) and thus offer you the necessary buoyancy in deep snow.

Freestyle Snowboards: Snowboarding as the ultimate adrenaline kick. You and your board spend most of your time on kickers, in parks or in halfpipes. Tricks, stunts and jumps characterize your style. Freestyle boards are characterized by a symmetrical shape. Nose and tail are equally shaped, so you can drive forwards and backwards without any problems. In addition, the boards are shorter, the nose and tail are flatter and the sidecut is less strong.