The (Tailored) Titanal technology from Völkl

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Völkls highend technology

In contrast to the previous construction method, the width of the Titanal frame is now precisely adapted to each individual ski length. This results in tailor-made Tailored Titanal Frames, which lie above the sidewall in the shovel and tail area of the ski. Advantage:

  • Outstanding damping
  • More torsional stiffness
  • More direct power transmission
  • Optimal adjustment to the size & ability of the skier
    • Longer models - more titanal content - more stiffness. Ideal for taller, heavier skiers
    • Shorter models - less titanal content - more maneuverability. Ideal for smaller, lighter skiers

The result: Tailored Titanal Frame technology gives each ski an unparalleled combination of liveliness and speed.

Völkl's Titanal Technology

Titanal is a high-tech aluminum alloy with isotropic properties that give the ski smooth running, ideal damping, direct power transmission and stability.

As a result, Titanal produces particularly high-performance and precise sk is. As required, the metallic alloy is inserted in different layers and thicknesses at different points on the ski.

Völkl differentiates here in three different construction methods:

  1. Full Titanal
  2. Titanal Frame
  3. Titanal Band

Full Titanal

The Titanal is installed over the entire length of the ski with a sheet thickness of mostly 0.7 mm. Advantages:

  • Maximum edge grip on hard/icy slopes.
  • Direct pressure build-up
  • Optimal damping
  • Precise power transmission
  • High speed stability

Models: Racetiger WC, Racetiger FIS, Racetiger GS / SL

Titanal Frame

The Titanal Frame is processed inthe form of a 0.7 mm thick titanal frame over the sidewall in the shovel & end area of the ski. Advantages:

  • Optimal stability
  • More damping
  • More strength in the binding area
  • Optimal speed stability
  • Good versatility

Models: Mantra 102 & M5, Kendo 92 & 88, Secret 102 & 92, Kenja 88, Deacon 84

Titanal band

In this variant, the titanal is installed in the form of a strip that extends down the middle of the ski from the shovel to the end. Advantages:

  • Lower overall weight
  • Lower overall stiffness
  • Rich, reliable ski behavior

Skier benefits from a balanced mix of smoothness & liveliness with less effort. Is often used with wider feeride skis. Models: Kanj & Yumi.

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