Cycling clothing guide

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Whether it's a relaxed after-work ride through the local woods, a weekend bike ride with the family, or a challenging tour over gorgeous trails in the mountains, cycling is a popular hobby for all ages and fitness levels. It's easy to work up a sweat and it can get chilly on drafty descents. Functional cycling clothing with breathable fabrics ensures that you are always pleasantly tempered on the road. Windproof vests and jackets protect against chilling and waterproof cycling jackets should always be on hand in case you are surprised by a shower. We show you in our article, what you should look for when choosing your cycling clothes.

Advantages of functional cycling clothing

  • Breathability: Functional cycling clothing ensures that sweat is effectively wicked away to the outside.
  • For cold descents or rainy days, cycling jackets and vests offer ideal protection as they are windproof and waterproof
  • Guarantees better performance and more fun while cycling
  • Cycling shorts with seat pads provide comfort on long tours
  • Cycling clothing has long been a fashion accessory that enhances your style and is both casual and very comfortable
  • Wide choice: Whether you prefer wide or tight cuts, muted or bright colors, at Sport Bittl you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for when it comes to cycling clothing
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What clothes do you need?

A few questions can help you choose the right clothing: For what purpose are you looking for clothing? What type of rider are you? Are you a touring and pleasure cyclist, or do you like things to get really sporty and strenuous?

And finally, the surface also determines to some extent the choice of suitable clothing and whether you are a touring cyclist, road cyclist or mountain biker. In the following, we will introduce you to the most important features and differences in cycling clothing.

Cycling jerseys

With the jerseys you have a very wide choice: For the summer or as a lower layer you can go with a short sleeve jersey hardly do anything wrong. There is a wide range of styles to choose from, many jerseys are colorful and playful, but you can also always wear plain models in muted colors.

Who is very sporty on the road and sometimes longer climbs, should make sure that the zipperis continuous in front. So you can open your jersey completely during long and sweaty climbs, also the dressing and undressing is so easier. What unites all our jerseys are the breathable functional materials that ensure that sweat is wicked outwards as effectively as possible and you are therefore pleasantly dry and comfortable.

For cooler days and the transitional seasons are suitable Long sleeve jerseys to ride protected but still well ventilated through the area.

For the mountain bikers who feel at home in bike parks and are freeriders or downhillers who mainly ride downhill in steep terrain, there are special wide-cut long and short-sleeved jerseys under which you can easily wear chest, back or arm protectors.

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Cycling jackets and vests

Cycling jackets and vests are available for a wide range of purposes, from rain ponchos that are hardly breathable to functional rain and wind jackets and vests that can easily be stowed in a jersey pocket when packed small.

Here, too, it is important to clarify what the garment is needed for. In the case of jackets, a wind-resistant and yet breathable model is recommended for cool days. What should not be missing on any longer tour is a rain jacket, if you are surprised by a shower or the weather changes. The jackets are also windproof and protect so even in dry conditions on a rapid descent.

With some jackets, the sleeves can also be separated with the help of a zipper, so that they become a vest in an instant, if it is too warm for you with sleeves.

If you're heading out for an after-work ride in mid-summer and don't want to carry a lot of luggage, a compact wind vest is a good idea. You can easily stow it in your jersey pocket and put it on when it gets a few degrees cooler.

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Cycling shorts

When it comes to cycling shorts, the question again arises as to what you want to use the shorts for:

Especially sporty riders, whether racing cyclists or mountain bikers, continue to swear by tight cycling shorts with seat padding, the so-called bib shorts (bib shorts) or tights (without shoulder straps). Due to the direct contact with the skin, they guarantee the best breathability and sweat is excellently wicked away to the outside (see also our article on functional membranes). The seat pad in the pants provides the necessary comfort, so that you sit comfortably even after hours in the saddle. For winter and cool days in spring and fall, it is recommended to use long cycling sh orts.

Important here: Classic cycling shorts with seat padding are worn without underwear! And with good reason: The seat pad ensures comfort, but if you then wear another layer, the seams of the underwear are very quickly distracting, which can then chafe. If you still like to ride with underwear, you can also fall back on underpants with seat pad and combine them with bike shorts without seat pad.

For the bike ride at the end of the day, a relaxed weekend tour or even adventures with the mountain bike, shorts are ideal. They are wide cut, comfortable and simply look casual. Thanks to excellent functional materials, these shorts also offer perfect ventilation. The wide-cut bike shorts are available both with integrated seat pad and without, here you should simply follow your preferences.

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The selection of cycling clothing is large, colorful and so diverse that there is guaranteed to be something for every taste and every target group. The selection depends mainly on the intended use of the bike clothing. The clothing guide on the subject of bike clothing hopefully facilitates your decision-making and in our well-stocked online store you can be further inspired and directly compile and order your dream bike outfit . If you have further questions, our expert sales staff will be happy to advise you on site in our stores. We are here for you so that you cut a fine figure on your next ride and always stay cool!