Alpine Ski Poles

Alpine Ski Poles at Sport Bittl Shop

Alpin or ski poles ensure the optimal balance, support Your stability and increase the skiing comfort.

Ski pole length recommendation
There are two options for determining the correct length of the ski pole.

The practical test:

Stand upright and take the pole by the grip and put it on the ground. Now your forearm should be slightly tilted upwards. Another possibility is to turn the pole arroung and hold it at the basket. In this case, the forearm should be parallel to the ground or Your upper arm should form a right angle to the forearm.

The length calculation formula for ski poles
You can calculate the right pole length using a formula. This is: body size x 0.7 = pole length.

There are some special women's models with thinner tubes and grips for smaller hands.

Height Pole length
146-156cm 105cm
153-164cm 110cm
159-171cm 115cm
167-179cm 120cm
173-186cm 125cm
180-194cm 130cm
187-200cm 135cm
194-208cm 140cm