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Overview: E-bike motors 2023

Lighter and more powerful new engines!

What to look for when choosing the right e-bike? Of course, the riding terrain plays a big role in determining the type of your bike. If you like to ride on challenging trails, where it can be a bit rough, then an e-mountain bike is the right choice. If you prefer to go on long tours and want to see a lot, an e-trekking bike is the best choice for your next bike tour. For those who want to go as fast as possible, e-gravel bikes and e-race bikes are the best choice. With all e-bikes, the motors are of crucial importance when it comes to how far you can go and what kind of support you can count on.

To help you find the right drive for your next bike, we have compiled the innovations for the 2023 season as well as an overview of the current e-bike drives for the model years from 2020 to 2023.

Light e-bikes: The future of e-biking?

Light and fast, that sums up the concept of a whole new class of e-bikes. What sets them apart? These light e-bikeshave smaller and lighter motors and batteries. They ensure a low overall weight previously unknown in e-bikes, which improves riding performance. So the bikes are fun to ride on any terrain without the e-drive engaged, even uphill!

Pioneer in this technology is Scott, who have designed a sensationally light e-bike with the Scott Lumen , which weighs less than 16 kg. The Lumen has an internal 360-Wh battery, which brings decent power and the motor convinces with an unprecedented weight / power ratio of 1.8 kg at 50 Nm.

New top motor from Bosch and a dynamic endurance burner

The brand new Bosch Performance Line CX Race Limited Edition drive system provides unprecedented dynamics and performance with a battery capacity of 750 Wh and a maximum support of up to 400%.

Scott e-bikes

But also the Bosch Performance CX Smart System motor introduced last year is close to the top model and and convinces with a battery capacity of 750 Wh and a torque of 85 Nm. With a weight of 2.9kg for this model and even only 2.75kg for the new Race Limited Edition model, both motors are downright sensationally light - and that with a rich performance!

With the help of the Bike Flow app, Bosch relies on customizable support levels. The riding modes can be adjusted in their dynamics, their maximum torque, the strength of the support and the speed (within the legal regulations). The app also offers practical theft protection and bike tracking.

The Bosch Performance CX of the 4th generation

The updated Bosch Drive Unit of the Performance CX with a maximum torque of 85 Nm and a support of 340% is specially designed for sporty e-bike use. You can choose between 4 support levels or the new eMTB mode with optimized riding characteristics, so you have a natural riding experience. The new Bosch Gen 4 motor has also become smaller and lighter , while easy handling is guaranteed by the Modular Rail System (MRS), via which a range extender can be installed on all fullsuspension and hardtail eBikes in all frame sizes.

The fully integrated and removable PowerTube battery PT625Wh already offers excellent performance in itself, which can be expanded to a maximum capacity of phenomenal 1125 Wh thanks to Range Extender. This also allows the range to be increased once again. The high range, the long operating time and the intelligent battery management distinguish the Bosch PowerTube batteries. So you can act flexibly and benefit from decades of research by Bosch in the field of e-mobility on your next trail adventure.

Bosch Performance CX e-bike motor of the 4th generation


  • Torque: 85 Nm
  • Max. Capacity: 625 Wh (with Range Extender 1125 Wh)
  • Compact yet powerful and efficient
  • Accelerates extremely powerful
  • Reacts without delay
  • Up to 340% perfectly metered assistance
  • 1.1 kg lighter than the predecessor

The Yamaha PW-X3 engine

The Yamaha PW-X3 motor impresses with a significantly stronger support at high cadence. The improved handling and less weight distinguishes the new model. With a maximum torque of 85 Nm and a maximum support of 360%, the Yamaha motor is one of the best e-drives on the market with an absolute top performance. In addition, the battery capacity has been improved to 750 Wh, which significantly increases the range. Thus, the motor has been improved again in direct comparison to the previous model PW-X2, while the weight has been reduced at the same time.

The new motor from Yamaha helps you within a standard range based on factors such as your pedaling force, bike speed and current gear. You can choose between the following assistance modes to suit your riding conditions: Extrapower mode, High-Performance mode, Standard mode, Eco mode, +Eco mode, Off mode and Automatic Support mode. The extra power mode is particularly suitable if your tour leads through ascending, rough terrain.

Overview e-bike motors

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