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Running shoes buying guide: Read now how to find the right running shoe!

Find the right running shoe for you

Whether you are a hobby runner on asphalt, field or forest paths, an enthusiastic trail runner over hill and dale or a competitive runner on the race track: Depending on the type and manner of your runs, you should be equipped with the right running shoe for you.

Your running speed, your running distances and your running style are decisive for the selection of the right running shoe model. So that every run brings you closer to your personal running goal or for all newcomers to running: The right running shoe is the be-all and end-all for fun, comfort and good performance when jogging.

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Neutral running shoes: For all "natural" runners

A neutral running shoe is just right for you if you want to complete light to medium-heavy runs on soft to medium-hard ground. Neutral running shoes are characterized by a neutral sole structure. This means that the sole does not have any stabilizing elements or pronation supports. Nevertheless, they provide you with a natural running feeling due to their low damping. In addition, they are very flexible and support your natural rolling behavior.

If you are untrained or overweight, you should rather choose a stable running shoe or a running shoe with appropriate cushioning.

Neutral running shoes are suitable for the following foot positions:

  • Normal foot position
  • With supination
  • Hollow foot with supination
  • Slight overpronation

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Stable running shoes: For all endurance runners

A stable running shoe is ideal for all runners who focus on long, quiet endurance runs. It doesn't really matter where you're running, because stable running shoes, as the name suggests, provide a lot of stability. They have so-called pronation supports. This gives your foot a very good hold and protects you from too much bending of your ankle.

If you have a flat foot or overpronation, then a stronger midsole and cushioning with supporting elements like a heel cup is ideal for you.

Sturdy running shoes are suitable for the following foot positions:

  • Light to heavy runners with mild to moderate overpronation.

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Off-road/Trail running shoes: For all adventurous runners

The forest, cross-country trails and the mountains are your second home? If your running routes take you mainly through rough terrain, then a robust and water-repellent running shoe is just right. Trail running shoes feature GTX® membranes and are often reinforced at the toe cap, so you're good to go no matter what the weather or terrain.

However, it is important to know that they are also rather inflexible and sometimes only limited breathable. Your running experience will therefore certainly be somewhat different than with a neutral running shoe.

The lower midsole drop ensures a significantly improved sure-footedness and ultimately reduces the risk of injury. Trail running shoes can also be recognized by their coarse outsole. This ensures a special grip and offers you the necessary stability and safety even in difficult terrain or in winter in ice and snow.

Trail running shoes are suitable for the following foot positions:

  • Normal pronation
  • Overpronation

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Competition shoes: For all ambitious runners

If you are a passionate runner and you are on the hunt for the personal best time, then the tartan track is certainly an essential part of your training. Here, you should get the closest to your running goals with competition running shoes.

Due to your training at high speed, a particularly light and flat shoe is ideal for you. A competition shoe does completely without cushioning and support, so you have an immediate feel for the ground. Extremely innovative materials also ensure a low weight on the foot. Nevertheless, we recommend a stable or neutral running shoe for your regular training so that you don't injure yourself.

So, if you are a very trained and normal weight runner who is chasing speed, then a competition shoe is ideal for you.

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Running shoes for kids: for little runners

Children actuallyrun all day, they run around, romp and play. If the little ones accompany the big ones when running, the still growing children's feet should be well equipped for the load.

So when it comes to running shoes for kids, the same applies as for the grown-ups: Depending on the surface and especially depending on the necessary support through cushioning or supports, the ideal running shoe for children is quickly found.

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Extra tip: Note the shoe size of running shoes!

Our feet need more space when running than during an everyday walk through the city. This is because your foot can slide forward a bit when rolling in the shoe. This is important for your comfort, so always make sure to choose your running shoes at least one to one and a half sizes larger than your regular shoe size.

Manufacturers often differentiate in different sizes and fits, so make sure you find the right size for you.

For avid runners, we have a great selection of running shoes from manufacturers like Asics,Brooks,Nike,Adidas,SauconyandHoka in the offer.

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