That was the Zugspitz Ultratrail 2023

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The Sport Bittl Team is ready for the Salomon Zugspitz Trail

In June, one of the biggest trail run events in Europe - the Salomon Zugspitz Ultratrail- started on Germany's highest mountain. The participants ran in front of breathtaking mountain scenery and conquered hundreds of meters of altitude to finally be celebrated by numerous running fans as finishers.

Together with Salomon, Sport Bittl raffled off starting places for the Grainau Trail. In addition to participation, there was also the ZUT package, consisting of running equipment, training plans and much more to win. The drive for numerous brave and motivated running enthusiasts to participate in the Instagram sweepstakes!

For our winners / our Sport Bittl team it is now: the countdown is on!

The ZUT package

Our Sport Bittl team is ready.

On 20.04.2023 the team received their ZUT package worth 600€ in the Munich-Allach branch. Included are:

  • Starting place for the ZUT Grainau Trail
  • Salomon outfits incl. trail running shoes, trail running vest & running shirt
  • Training support & tips through weekly training plan via WhatsApp group from Salomon athlete Daniel Jochum and Stefan Ehrmeier.

Now it's time to train hard!

Salomon ZUT motif

8 weeks to go...

The countdown is on. In just under eight weeks, the running adventure of the year will begin for our Sport Bittl team . From Mallorca to the Upper Palatinate, in the mountains or in the lowlands, on trails or asphalt - our ZUT participants give their all and prepare intensively for the Salomon ZUT Grainau Trail. With new equipment, numerous kilometers and meters of altitude are mastered, their own limit is exceeded and progress is made bit by bit.

6 weeks to go...

Trail runner and mountain runner Daniel Jochum, who coaches our athletes, plans endurance runs with fast sprints and interval training for this week! This means that intensive load phases alternating with low-intensity recovery phases are completed in 2-minute intervals. This type of training has it all, but is very effective to increase performance. Stretching is also part of the training sessions. Our participants continue to give their all!

4 weeks to go...

In one month, the time has come. The training plan is extensive and consists of a combination of long endurance units paired with mountain intervals and strength training. Our participants take advantage of the good week and continue to train diligently even during their vacation. So nothing stands in the way of the big day.

2 weeks to go...

Final spurt! In two weeks our Sport Bittl team will start at the ZUT: Germany's biggest trail running event. For this week, interval training in combination with intensive sprint units is on the schedule again. Our participants are also preparing for the big event with other competitions. We keep our fingers crossed!

The race

The day has come, on Saturday, 17.06.23 was the time. The last weeks have prepared our runners in the best possible way and we recorded extreme progress.

Best weather and a breathtaking mountain scenery accompanied all participants on the different distances. The atmosphere was great and the results were always more than satisfying.

We congratulate our runners and thank Salomon for the preparation and this beautiful event.

Before the start
On the podium
Group cheers