Avalanche Safety

Freeriding, ski touring and winter hiking.

- as in recent years, this trend will continue to increase in winter. Fun and passion should always be in the foreground of freeriders, but this should not distract from existing risks. The urge for freedom, untracked slopes, deep snow and sunshine is understandable and more than comprehensible. The result is that more and more slope rider are off the slope. And the risk of avalanches can never be completely excluded.

Those who do not prepare accordingly for a ski touring or free riding should rather stay on the secured slopes on this day. Even if it is a beautiful sunny day, the conditions on the mountain should never be underestimated. Because what can happen while driving next to the slope may have devastating consequences. And not just for a single person, but also other skiers and snowboarders. But what does such preparation entail? A key component is the careful checking of the avalanche report as well as the observation of the weather forecast, on the one hand on their planned skiing day, but also on the past days. Here you can find useful information regarding snow quality. In most ski areas, a current avalanche report depends on the lift stations. There is also the option of being informed by telephone about the way to the ski area at the avalanche warning service.

-Lawinenwarndienst Germany: +49 (0) 89/92141210
-Lawinenwarndienst Tirol: +43 (0) 512 508 74 2258.

There is a 5-level avalanche scale. As soon as the avalanche warning light glows yellow in the ski area, great caution is required: if it flashes yellow, at least avalanche warning level 3 is indicated. If you want to do a ski tour, plan it in detail. It should be a matter of course and should not really be mentioned: In alpine terrain you should never move alone, in case of an accident or similar, there is no chance for quick and effective help. And let's face it, there is nothing better than having a royal deep snow day with friends.
One of the biggest dangers lurking outdoors is a slab or avalanche. It can quickly happen that a skier or snowboarder gets into a slab and gets spilled. Four things should never be missing on the mountain: avalanche backpack, beeper, probe and shovel. Only with this equipment can you succeed in helping another winter sportsman. However, it is not enough to have this equipment only, even a skilful handling is absolutely necessary in order to react properly in difficult situations. Often the first 15 minutes decide for survival!

Avalanche gear for your next adventure