be a friend of nature

We present you 4 environmentally concious brands

To shop conciously and therefore protect the environment is possible. We present you four brands, that take special care of the environment. Their focus is on: Recycling - Don´t just throw things away, recylce them! Repairing - Start even earlier: Repair things instead of throwing them away! Biodegradability - Use materials that can be degraded by nature!
patagonia outdoor wear
sustainability and recycling
Patagonia uses raw material, that is more environmentally friendly than conventional or non-recycled materials. Already in 1993 Patagonia started with producing recycled polyester out of empty plastic bottles and therefore it was the first outdoor company to manufacture fleece out of waste material.

Muc-Off bike cleaning and care products
100% biodegradable
Muc-Off is characterized by high quality and efficiency, without lossing focus on environmental protection. Almost all Muc-Off products are solvent free and 100% biodegradable.
VAUDE bike and outdoor wear and equipment
German sustainability prize 2015
Already in the 90s VAUDE set an example by selling 100% recycled and functional outdoor wear. With its repair service VAUDE tries to extend the life cycle of its clothes. Repair, don´t throw away!

Nature Bio Bottle
100% compostable
The Bio Nature EU Bottle is the alternative to oil based plastic bottles. Instead of gaining the polyethylene out of oil, for this bottle it is gained out of sugar cane. Furthermore this bottle is 100% compostable due to its special composite