Snowboard Bindings

Snowboard Bindings

A snowboard binding needs to fit your style and board. Stiffer bindings support a more aggressive style, while a softer binding is more forgiving/ more easier. Depending on your skill and application area, some bindings are more suitable for you than others. The flex (soft / medium / hard) is also very important. The following information can help you with your decision.

The different binding types:

  • Easy-entry
  • Soft (2-strap)
  • aluminum
  • Composite / plastic
  • All-Mountain
  • Freeride
  • Freestlye
  • Splitboard binding
  • 2x4 compatible
  • 4x4 compatible
  • Channel compatible

Riding Level:

  • Beginners: flexible binding that makes cornering easier
  • Advanced: Allmountain binding (a little stiffer)
  • Freestyle: light and flexible freestyle binding
  • Freeride: stiffer, supportive binding


  • Soft Flex (1-4): ideal for beginners and freestylers
  • Medium Flex (4-7): optimal for advanced and all-mountain riders. But also suitable for aggressive freestylers.
  • Hard Flex (7-10): ideal for freeriders and very good snowboarders

Easy-entry or strap-in binding:

  • Easy-Entry: easy and fast sliding into the binding (highback folding backwards)
  • Strap-in: the boots are attached by two straps.

To see if the binding fits your board, use our set configurator and get your ideal set for an unforgettable winter.